Shield Your Home Energetically

I just moved into a brand new beautiful home. I mean brand new... no bad vibe, no ghosts, no mojo. How exciting! (So I thought). But what I found is that my home needed protection more than ever. I highly recommend any home or place of residence, go through the following steps to ensure that you bring in the best energy and highest intention. This is true if you are new to a home (new and old), are trying to sell or rent a home, need a positive shift in the home (or life), feel any type of negative vibration or you simply need to shift the energy around you.

The first night in my new home, I was expecting to sleep like an angel. It was so exciting and I was so tired. I am not one to have bad dreams, so imagine my surprise when everyone in the household had nightmares, even my 2-year old. How odd! This happened every night for 3 days until it clicked that there was no protection around my home. Not only was it wide open, there was no shield or positive energy surrounding it. And everyone could feel it, even if not consciously.

Every home needs to be protected and I am not talking about a loaded gun. If you have the highest and best energy surrounding your home, you will never have the need for a weapon. Your weapon will be a shield stronger than any bullet.

Let's talk a little about this energy. It might sound silly, and that's okay. All around us is energy. We vibrate energy. And everything around us operates in an energetic field. After putting up an energy shield around my home, all the nightmares stopped instantly. Even the dogs stopped acting weird. Silly or not, I know my home is protected. The most important part of an energy shield is your intention. Putting something imaginary around your home may sound ineffective, however just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We are moving out of the physical realm and into the Quantum Realm where energy and intention create real things. Your intention must be positive, pure, protective, abundant, happy, loving and full of light. You must be coming from a place of higher vibration to create an effective shield.

Depending on the type of shield needed, it may take some homes longer than others to enforce the shield. For my brand new home, it took 3 days. If you have a really bad vibration in your home it could take longer. If you have a loving home, it may take less time.

Step 1. The Cleanse
This is a very important step. Go through the home and clean. Clean the floors, the windows, the walls, the counters. Everything must be clean. After that, go through the home and really evaluate the furniture. Try to use your intuition and connect with the furniture. Does it feel heavy or dark (in vibration)? If so, these items need to go. Furniture carries energy and if it is very old the furniture may need to be cleansed energetically or it may be time to let it go. Also evaluate where the furniture is placed. Is it blocking the flow of energy in the home? It may be a good idea to look into Feng Shui to make sure the furniture and arrangement of the home is energetically positive. The key to this stage is getting rid of any items that are not needed or that weigh down the energy of the home and creating a good flow to the home. Use this step to clean and let go. You will be surprised how good it feels to get rid of "things". This will be a good start to create your energy field.

After the home is clean and furniture is in a good arrangement and you have gotten rid of "stuff, the next step is to cleanse the home with incense or sage. This process burns the bad energy and with positive intention and sets a new energy in the home. Start at the front door and spend 1-3 seconds in every corner of the home while enforcing the intention "Please protect this home, and create love, abundance, health and happiness." Make sure to focus on the four corners of each room including closets. Do this in every room, every closet, and throughout the entire home until you have circled back to the front door. Also go to the backyard, garage, front door and any other attachments in the home. If there is a room that has a heavier vibration, spend more time in that room. You can also make a circle around the home outside if possible, reaffirming your intention in every room and corner "Please protect this home, and create love, abundance, health and happiness."

Step 2 - The Energy Shield
Sit quietly alone and close your eyes. If you do mediation, do a meditation with the following visualization. Visualize yourself putting up an energy shield starting from the base of the home towards the sky until your home is surrounded in a bubble of glowing energy. Picture this energy as strong, resilient, vibrant, positive, protective, un-penatrable, loving, and full of light. FEEL the shield. Feel it protecting the house. Now extend the shield up in the sky like it's a pyramid. Then extend it below the house and connect it underneath the home so that you are protected below and above. Repeat your intention and affirmation "Please protect this home, and create love, abundance, health and happiness." You may need to repeat this step over a few days to ensure that the shield sticks.

Step 3 - The Inter-Dimension Glue
It is not hard to imagine a shield around your home. Sounds easy, cleanse the house and set a shield, okay got it. What you may have not done in the past is this step and it is critical and may sound bizarre but may be the most important step. You must set your intention and the shield. You must anchor it., but not in this world. I found that after I did all the previous work, there was still a strange feeling to the home. I couldn't put my finger on it, but it was there lurking. I needed to set my intention into the energy world and when I tuned in energetically, I realized there another dimension still affecting the home. When you set your shield you MUST glue it energetically to a solid foundation but this foundation must also be cleansed. You are sealing your energy shield to an energy foundation (in the energy world). Here's what you do.

After you have created the shield in your home over a few days, I want you to sit in a quiet spot and feel the home. Now, picture that there is a portal in the home that travels to a different dimension (like a parallel world). Be open minded, but what do you see? What do you feel? If there are any strange feelings in the house, this is where you need to let it come to you. Now, what do you see and feel? Now you are entering an energy dimension.

What I found is that this dimension also needs to be cleared. In all the homes I have lived, this part of the process surprised me. I would create a positive shield and cleanse the home, but when I pictured this other dimension it was always yucky. In my previous home, when I pictured this dimension I would see darkness and snakes. There were sounds of hissing and it was so cold. EEK! Then I would set the intention in this dimension too. So rather than snakes and darkness, I would picture sunshine and sunflowers (or something beautiful). This was the part of the process that took several days as this dimension was a little more difficult to change the energy and was always unexpected.

In my new house, when I pictured this dimension I saw darkness and spiders, it was wet and muddy. EEK. So again, I pictured the sun shining and a beautiful field with flowers. I was recreating this dimension with my intention. Remember that intention alone has a lot of power, just as in Quantum Physics. Be open to what you may feel and see. Some homes may feel like a subway is running through the house, or a car is parked in the home, or something dark and scary. There may be a dark entity on the other side, be loving and tell them to go. Imagine them leaving into love and light. Be open to what you see, trust it, and clear it out. Recreate the image to something positive and loving through your intention and this will be the glue that sets your shield in this world and the energetic world.

This step allows you to enter the quantum world and set your intention on an infinite scale to protect the home. This is extremely powerful.

One you have cleansed the home, created the shield, and set the energetic glue, then feel the shield. Feel the warmth and protection. Make sure you feel the shield as that is a very important last step. Once you FEEL it, it is set and then you can trust it will stick. You may need to check on your shield periodically but the home is now protected.

Some extra tips for strengthening your shield and creating a positive environment are to also add fresh flowers in the home. Flowers are bring life to the home. I noticed my flowers were dying quickly before my shield and lasted much longer once the shield was active. Also use essential oils such as lavender oil or citrus blends. I love to use an oil diffuser around the home. Some protection crystals are also a good idea. My favorites are Selenite (cleanses the home), Rose Quartz (creates a loving vibration), and Black Tourmaline (rids of negative energy). Put them in rooms where you are active, or by entrances or corners for protection. Also I recommend a good Himalayan salt lamp (or several) around the house, which will create Negative Ions in the home (positive energy).

I hope this has been helpful and that your home is full of love and happiness. Cheers!

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