Why is the Law of Attraction Not Working?

By now, most of us have heard of the wonderful Law of Attraction.Think it and it is yours! Ask and it is given! Visualize what you want and you will have it! And yet, for most of us die-hard devotees to the Law of Attraction, we sometimes look around and ask what are we doing wrong? Why is this not working?

As someone who has explored this topic greatly, read all the books and have been dedicated to learning and self growth, I have wondered (after long periods of feeling good, asking, visualizing, and "putting it out there") - what am I doing wrong? I have found myself disappointed, a bit frustrated, and worst of all even attracting the opposite results!

For something that makes so much sense, "like attracts like", and as someone who has put my full heart, mind and soul into trying to manifest these laws to bring about everything my heart desires, I really had to take a step back and figure out why it wasn't working. Maybe you have not had these problems and have been able to manifest everything you've ever dreamed! And to you, bravo! But perhaps there are some of you that have found yourself in a similar boat and a feel a bit confused. To those folks, please keep reading.

I do believe the Law is accurate, but I think there is more to the story. We ask, we try to feel good, we try to raise our vibration, we ask again, we think positive thoughts, we visualize our dreams, we keep at it and somewhere in there we look around and realize that we still don't have results we want and this often leads to a sense of disappointment. Sound familiar?

Well here is the key. We must stop wanting. What?! But I have big dreams - you say! And that is okay, but the simple act of wanting is pushing you away from attracting the very thing that you want. Want - in and of itself is the feeling of not having. It is desiring something you do not have. It is not being okay with your present situation because you want it to be different. Wanting something so badly is telling the universe that this thing that you want is not something you have and deep down there is a sense of disappointment. And this disconnect alone keeps it from coming into your life.

I found this out by accident. I have tried and tried and tried to attract certain things into my life with such passion that I couldn't understand how it wasn't coming quickly and deliberately like I have been told it would. Then one day I remembered this blog. Yes, this one you are reading right now. This blog is something that I started 7 years ago. I wrote 42 posts with my whole heart, then life took over  and sadly I forgot about it (until now).

In the meantime, I was trying desperately to manifest certain things into my life. I was focusing and trying to use the Law of Attraction, but it wasn't working! But then I remembered this blog one day randomly and an old Twitter Account that I created and saw that somehow, magically I had accumulated over 27k Twitter Followers and had over 100k visits to my site. How was I able to manifest that (when I wasn't even trying) but I was not able to manifest the things I was focusing on so diligently. And then it hit me.

We must release that which we desire. Have you ever noticed that when you finally don't care about something, it then decides to show up in your life? I can't count the times in my life this has happened. I gave up on love, happy to be alone, and THEN the right person came into my life. I was not able to have a baby and finally accepted that it wasn't going to happen, and THEN I got pregnant. Of course, there are many times in life that we are committed to getting something we want, and we attain it. But this usually happens because there is a shift in how we feel. It might only be subtle, but on some level you feel differently. On some level we let it go. Either because we know we are going to achieve it, we move on to the next thing in our minds, or we have released it entirely.

The thing that we don't realize when we go about asking and asking, is that the universe already knows our hearts desires. You do not need to ask over and over again. The universe already knows! Stop asking! And start releasing. Let it all go. We need to be able to receive these amazing gifts but most of us do not know how. We receive by releasing.

When the Law of Attraction says to feel good, they mean it. Stop wanting and start focusing on this alone. Release the things you want. Release the very reason that you want them. Release the Egos need to have more and more things and embrace the beautiful life you already have. Be happy for what you have. Be grateful. Dive into your fears and anxieties and release those too. Feel them. Send them love, and let them go. Some people fear that if they release what they want they will never get it, but you must release that too!

You have a duty in life that is yours alone. That which is in front of you right now, is your duty. Do your duty (not someone else's) and do it to the best of your ability. You can never fail if you have tried your best. We sometimes get so caught up in the reward for a job well done, or we are too focused on the fruit of our labor that we fail to live in the moment, we fail to do our best, we fail to do the job at hand (our duty), and this pushes the very things we want farther away from us. We must remember that we are ultimately here to learn. We are here to grow. To be better people. To love those around us. To be the best person we can be. We are eternal beings, above the fancy cars, and promotions and more money. When we release, we begin to bring ourselves into vibrational balance. If we can focus more on doing our best, feeling good, and releasing the rest, an amazing thing starts to happen.

And amazing it is! Because the universe knows our  hearts desires, it often gives you the very thing that you wanted all along. When you release what you want, you can actually see that sometimes what you are given is far greater than anything you could have ever asked for on your own. But again, you must release even wanting this as the outcome. Very tricky stuff! But it really is much more simple than we make it. Release the very thing you want. Release it all. Feel good. Do your best and have faith that it will all be okay.

The Law of Attraction works. You have the asking part down, you just need to allow yourself to receive.

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