Tarot: The Leo Lunar Eclipse

Happy Full Moon!

In the midst of a tumultuous sea of change, today’s Lunar Eclipse marks a significant leap forward in our ability to co-create the world we desire.

The Leo Lunar Eclipse is at 4:33 pm PT on Friday, Feb. 10.

You might remember from previous messages that each Lunar eclipse holds a specific opportunity, as it opens a portal or doorway that connects us with unusual powers beyond the normal constraints of time and space.

This month’s eclipse is connecting you with new levels of empowerment, courage, confidence and vitality. The tarot card for the Leo Moon is Strength, also known as Lust (“Lustre”) in the Thoth deck shown here.
This represents YOU, radiating to the world your fully empowered strength and glory.

When you connect with the frequencies of inner strength held within the eclipse portal, you step into a super powerful grid, known in astrology as a “Temple Pattern.” This rare configuration, when combined with the eclipse, is creating an unprecedented opportunity to step into a new level of personal power and the ability to manifest new forms in the world.
The overall opportunity can be summarized by the capacity to – literally – envision, connect with, and step into new future potentials. At the highest level this is a month to create new worlds based on holism, freedom, inspired leadership, and compassionate commitment to the good of all.
All the principles of co-creation that we have been learning and practicing now have the potential to become fully activated, especially when we join forces with others who share our visions and dreams.

The eclipse signature remains in effect now through March 10, when the Moon returns to 23° Leo and the inter-dimensional doorway closes.
Set your sights high for the coming four weeks. As we celebrate the Leo Moon, together we cross a new threshold of unlimited potential.
What I’ve expressed here is only a bit of the message. I encourage you to watch the following video to learn more about what this eclipse can mean in your life.

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