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Hello! I am starting this site up again after a long pause. I feel more than ever, we need positive change in the world. The last few years have been a journey for my "abilities" and until recently, these things were amazing but still a little scary. If you know me, I don't like to use the word "Psychic". I feel it carries the wrong vibe.

I don't even share this part of myself with many people, hence why this website has been mostly anonymous. But you can call me "AJ" and if you are around me, it becomes obvious that I am able to sense things that most people can't. I was not able to really embrace this until I figured out how to protect myself from all the "dark" energy that I was also sensing. I will discuss some techniques for protection in this article. If you do not feel you have "abilities" then you can still benefit from protection. This can be protection from other people's negative emotions, or situations that don't feel right to you. Everyone can benefit, even if they sound a little strange at first.

By day, I am a Professional, making a career for myself just like the rest of you, yet I have this odd "gift" (as people call it) that I really can't explain. And maybe you do too! For most of my life this gift scared me. Dreams I had would come true. I would mention someone's name and they would call. I could hear things and see things that others could not. And mostly, I could sense things that felt totally normal to me, but apparently were not. Most of that was not frightening, possibly even exciting, but with that also came the darker side. The bad energy, the spirits, and not feeling good around certain people or places. Because of this, I pushed it away and tried to pretend it wasn't there.

I feel everyone at some level everyone has these abilities. I don't like to call them psychic abilities only because I think that people associate that with predicting the future and Madame Zelda, but the future can always change and I'm not a fortune teller!

What I do feel these abilities are is energy. The ability to sense energy. We are all vibrational beings and all that is around us is vibrating energy. Most of this happens in a realm that we don't quite understand, but it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Some people simply are extra sensitive to the subtly energies around them.

When I was able to really grasp that all I was feeling was a sensitivity to energy, it all became less scary. This is why I call this being "open", "sensitive", "intuitive", and refer to it as "abilities" because it is the ability to sense what is already there. In this case energy and vibration. I think everyone can tap into this extra sense if you know what to look for and can trust yourself, but that takes some practice. Most people however, don't allow themselves to explore this world because not all energy is pleasing. I like to consider it on a scale. There is energy that ranges from dark to light and it is that darker energy that frightened me, and I didn't know how to turn on the "good" energy and not experience the "bad".

But really, there is no good or bad energy, it is just energy. And what I found is that when I strive to raise my vibration, live in light and love, the "bad" energy cannot exist. And THAT is the secret to protection. It really is that simple. But before I was able to get to that level, I also needed some additional tools because frankly, sometimes you need them.

Tools for Protection

I have a few tools I use when I am feeling uncomfortable in certain situations. Sometimes the best policy is to avoid the people and places that make us feel "not good", but this is not always possible. My first strategy is put a shield around myself energetically. This concept sounded strange to me at first, but those with strong auras can do this naturally. I am particularly sensitive to other peoples energy and often feel the emotions and feelings they are emitting. This is what's called an Empath and these types of people often need the most protection.


To shield yourself, you must visually and energetically feel a protective shield around yourself. This shield is very effective. There are different types of shields and some are more powerful than others. I found I needed the most heavy-duty shield available. Some people visualize an impenetrable shield, almost like a flexible, durable liquid that nothing can penetrate. This is good for most people and is pretty easy to sustain. Visualize the shield, feel the shield and set the intention that it will be there to protect you even if you forget about it. Setting this intention is very important! If you don't set the intention you will need to visualize and feel this shield at all times which is sometimes a little tiring. Set the intention it will shield you at all times and it will.

If you need additional shielding, you can add another layer to your shield. This is two shields. In between the two shields, it can be helpful to add an elemental energy, depending on the situation. The elements include Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Earth is very grounding and can help when you also feel you need to be grounded in a given situation. This element will also make you less seen, such as hiding behind a mountain. Fire is one I use often because it literally burns away any unwanted energy around me. It however, is very powerful and active, people can feel fire so it is great when you need extra power and energy, but not great if you are trying not to be seen. When visualizing air, I often think of a tornado. It is powerful and good when you need to shake energy off of you or shift the energy. It too is active, so be careful using if you do not want to be seen or draw attention to yourself. Water makes a great shield as well, and is great when you are feeling anxious, angry or upset, it has a calming effect.

You can also visualize anything else in your shield, such as sunlight and feeling the warmth. You can visualize colors. You can visualize anything. The best strategy is to visualize that which you need. If you need more energy think of things that have to do with fire. If you need calmness, think water. If you need grounding, think Earth. It is all about balancing your shield to be the most effective.


Being grounded is an excellent tool for protection. Think of a big sturdy tree with deep roots in the ground. No storm can shake it. And that is exactly what I visualize. I visualize roots growing deep into the Earth. I feel the dirt. I visualize and feel these roots growing right through the Earth and wrapping around the planet several times. I think strong and stable.

Essential oils can help with grounding. Focus on the oils that come from rich soil and have heavy, earthy and woody qualities. Citrus blends for example are not going to be grounding. DoTerra has a grounding blend that works well called "DoTerra Balance". 

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Rocks and Crystals are a great way to ground. Rocks and crystals come from the Earth and hold a vibrational charge. Search online for rocks and crystals that are grounding, but in general those that are black or red in color that are not clear are the best. Tourmaline is excellent, but allow yourself to see what feels best. My personal favorite protection and grounding stone is Mookite Jasper.


Sometimes, regardless how hard you try, energy still affects you and it's important to simply clear it out. If you need to clear a location, setting the intention to clear it out is sometimes the most important and overlooked factor. Again, bad mojo cannot exist in the light and therefore make it simple and try to bring in the light! The intention is what helps to shift the energy. Things that help bring in the light vary and depend on the situation but remember energy is energy and it not necessarily good or bad, certain locations may be attracting "bad" energy but really it is just all a vibrational match, attracting more of what is already there.

What people often do in these places is feed the fire. They feed the energy with their fear, anxiety, anger, hurt, and sadness. Again, these are lower vibrational energies and lower vibrational entities feed off of this. So when trying to clear a location with a strong lower vibrational energy, it is important to bring in the light. To have love. And the actions from there become symbolic. Burning incense or sage is a great cleansing tool because it shifts the energy in the air. It burns away what is stuck. Essential oils can be used to bring in the light. To uplift. Often it helps to just move the energy by opening the window and letting air inside. Opening windows, changing the lighting in the home, moving furniture around. These things create an actual physical and energetic shift. Also, look at things like the feng-shui of the home. Is the furniture old and possibly attaching energy from a previous owners? How is the artwork in the home? Is it dark and scary? What messages is the physical environment vibrating? Clean it out. Bring in the light. Paint the walls. Change the carpet. Remodel poor designs in a home. But do it with the intention to raise the vibration. What kind of people hang out here? Bring in different people, bring in good energy. What types of events have happened here in the past? If something tragic has happened in the home, offer love and healing to this event. Set the intention to allow for healing and allow it to be released.

Once a location is in the process of being cleared it is important to maintain the shift in energy. Stones are good to put in all corners of the home to seal a clearing. Remember, it is just about trying to change the energy in a location. Sometimes certain locations simply vibrate a certain energy and again, it will attract the people that offer that same energy. You can shift this energy, but sometimes as you raise your vibration you may not even be attracted to these same types of places, or an event or person will suddenly come into your life with a solution that automatically shifts the energy. Pay attention to these things for it may be the key in releasing the energy and raising the vibration.

Self Clearing

After I am in public for too long, or if I am around people that are emitting a lot of emotion or negative thoughts, I need to clear myself. I usually do this with an Epsom Salt Bath. I add 2 cups Epsom Salts, 2 teaspoons Himalayan Salts, 1 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar, and 15 drops of Lavender oil. I buy organic coconut oil and slather my entire body and allow myself to soak for at least 20 minutes. I try to do this as often as possible.

I also make a concoction of purified or distilled water and add 2 teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup of high quality aloe vera juice (found in the vitamin section of most stores), and 1 spoonful of Grandma Molasses. The apple cider vinegar alkalizes the body and restores the PH which I find is crucial for my abilities. If my body is too acidic, my abilities become compromised. I try to drink this everyday if possible. It is very cleansing and purifying.

I also use essential oils, lavender is great as a go-to oil and has a high vibration. It is also calming. A wonderful clearing stone is Hematite. This is a magnetic stone that draws out negative vibrations. It MUST be cleaned daily though as it will start to hold this negative energy and needs to also be cleaned. To clean stones, place them (cover them) in Sea-Salts over night. Another excellent clearing stone is Smokey Quartz.

Lastly, if you are in need of protection it means that you are opening yourself to certain energies and with this comes a great responsibility. By opening yourself to these energies, it will be extra important to live a pure lifestyle and be free from addictions. It will be important to be ethical. It is important to operate in love and light and not invite dark energies into your life. It is important to take these things very seriously and treat them responsibly. If you are inviting these things into your life out of curiosity or "for fun", then you are not being responsible and can attract unwanted things into your life and you only have you to blame. So please, be responsible and operate in love. Use these things to grow, to learn, to be a better person, to help the planet, to help people, and to be the best person you can be and then these gifts will give you amazing things. Again, the best form of protection is simply living in the light and love and the rest will take care of itself.


  • Respect energy and always try to bring in the light
  • Respect free-will and never tell a person their future is set in stone. Sometimes when we are given insight into the future it is to be able to prepare or to change this event. We all have free-will and the future is ours
  • There is no good or bad energy, just types of energy. Energy can change and shift
  • Never tap into someone else's energy without their permission unless it directly relates to you
  • Try not to answer yes or no questions. Energy operates on a scale and because of free will, any direction in life is possible 

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