Resistance - Lifting the Ceiling

On our path to growth, it seems obvious we would face resistance. Sometimes from others but often what we overlook is the resistance that comes from within. Think of resistance as a type of ceiling. Regardless how much we are capable of growing, it will always be impossible to go higher than our self created ceiling if we are experiencing resistance.

Resistance usually feels uncomfortable and comes in many shapes and sizes, but when we notice discomfort in our body, our lives, or the people around us, we are most likely hitting some form of resistance. So what can we do? I'm guessing there are many approaches to this issue but perhaps we do nothing. Yes, nothing. Perhaps rather than trying to take action when we feel unconformable, we sit with ourselves and feel the resistance. We feel the discomfort. Rather than taking action to correct and "alleviate" the discomfort, we stop and feel it.

When we take these immediate actions to alleviate discomfort, what often happens is we are creating more resistance, we are following habits that are reactionary and may not be serving us. Rather than continuing to duplicate these patterns, we need to stop the cycle that is creating ceilings in our lives and strive to change the pattern and let the resistance offer insight.

What is interesting is when we can sit with our discomfort and feel the resistance (even if it is coming from other people), we begin to let go of automatic habits that may not be in our best interest. We can begin to be mindful in these moments and we can ask ourselves for insight on the source of the discomfort. This can be enlightening!

What usually happens is the discomfort will stick for awhile and challenge you to take action (repeat old patterns) but when we are taking action in discomfort we are most likely continuing the cycle. When we can sit with this feeling, it will start to dissipate and once it does, we will have a better understanding of the best action to take. It is these actions, done with mindfulness, that will begin to lift the ceiling and create meaningful changes in our lives.

Try it out! Let's stop being so reactionary and let our discomfort be a sign that we are resisting and that instead this is an opportunity to change and grow. We can lift the ceiling to a more powerful future.

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