New Beginnings

New beginnings are often only thought of at the New Year, but they are all around us... all the time. Every day in fact is an opportunity for a new beginning. But why do new beginnings even matter? They matter because the new beginning is like a breath of fresh air. It is the inhale and the exhale of our lives.

Life is one continuous breath. We breathe, we live, and during this process life happens. Events shape our lives in big and small ways. We do not realize however that the air around us has become stagnant.

The New Beginning is simple. It is allowing the fresh air into our lives. It is moving the stagnation out and bringing life force in. This is the real new beginning. We often see major live events as a new beginning because they they affect us in a big way. We don't realize however that these major events are simply shifting the energy in our life reminding us that a new beginning is unfolding. But these shifts are happening in more subtle forms all the time. They are happening right now, if you will allow yourself to see it.

If we can be present in the moment and be more aware of the subtle energies in our life, then we can take more control of sensing the shifts in our lives and begin to see each shift as a new beginning with endless possibility.

With a new beginning we can allow new opportunities to unfold. We can step out of our old ways and open the door to new directions. We can put the past behind us and find excitement in the future. The breath of fresh air can invigorate us and give us new energy inviting new opportunities. If we can live each day as though it is a new beginning we can enrich our lives and ensure that the direction we are heading is full of promise.

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