Following your Dreams

I'm sure you have heard the phrase "just follow your dreams"... or "never give up your dreams". There are a hundred variations of this idea, but the idea is that we seek out this phenomenon in our lives and this somehow will make us better, happier, or more fulfilled. But what are dreams? How can we find them and what will this really do for us?

Most people define Dreams as the successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

But these are not the dreams I am speaking of, but they may possess some of the same  qualities. Dreams are the ideas about your future, about yourself, about things that have not happened but are in your mind, your thoughts, or just a feeling that somehow holds a bit of mystery and magic. These dreams generate a sense of happiness and joy. They are the guiding light to our highest potential. They may not take us to the actual manifestation of these "dreams" but they somehow get us on the correct path that allows our life to flow in the direction that it was meant to go.

Unfortunately it is easy to get discouraged and frustrated when thinking of such dreams because we may not see them manifest the way they do in our minds and this can cause great disappointment. It is this disappointment that makes us second guess these dreams, often rejecting them as silly and then abandoning them completely. This is understandable, however this is a big disservice to the true potential they possess. 

Dreams are quite a wonderful thing. They somehow allow us to put ourselves in a situation or express an idea in a safe and beautiful way. We can reach deeper into our being by simply dreaming because it allows us a to be free from cause and effect and allows us to discover who we are, what we want, and the directions we need to go in life in a healthy way. 

It is a mistake to think that life will end up exactly as our dreams because our minds are limited and when we expect them to be exactly as we imagined we eliminate all the other wonderful possibilities that perhaps we did not even think of. When we allow ourselves to dream and also keep an open mind, we open ourselves to unlimited opportunity and this is where magical things can happen. 

Often what happens however, is at the first sign of any variation from reality and our dream, we instantly think things are not going our way and become frustrated. It does not cross our minds that perhaps dreams come true in mysterious ways. When we have a positive reaction to our dreams we are inviting possibilities into our life. It is only when we tell ourselves that we are being silly, or start to become disappointed or frustrated that we are limiting the possibility of the power of our dreams from really coming true. 

Dreams are not however the course our lives are always meant to go. It is the "process", let me repeat PROCESS, that allows our life to unfold in a meaningful way. Perhaps bits and pieces of our dreams will actually come to reality, or perhaps we will find enough satisfaction in the idea of our dreams that allow us to have meaning in our lives and be happy people. Dreaming allows us to find new solutions by putting ourselves in situations that we may never find ourselves in naturally, but by dreaming about it, we can somehow feel how something feels without the consequences of cause and effect and we can readjust our thoughts about life and continue to refine these ideas.

Dreaming is a creative process that allows us to go deeper to our core to explore what is really important to us. It allows us to express ourselves in a safe and non-threatening way. It allows us to release thoughts, energy, and ideas in a way that can re-energize us, inspire us, or be a simple release.  This process alone can impact how we act and respond to our reality and allows us to operate in our reality with more thoughtfulness, awareness and correctness.

So the next time you find yourself daydreaming, allow it. Play with it. Invite it. Explore what your dreams are and rather than find disappointment in them, have fun with them and let them tell you more about yourself. Learn from your dreams. See how they feel and the ones that really resonate with you might be the ones worth pursuing. Just remember that the ones that you do pursue are the ones that are your your biggest teachers in life, because they will take you down the path that you were meant to be on, whether it turns out to be the path that you dreamed of or not, that is not important, but it is the path that your highest self needed you to be on so you could grow into the person you were meant to be.