The Mirror of Tragedy

Everyday it is something new. A tragedy that seems so far out there that it is absolutely unspeakable. I have to ask myself, are these symptoms of a greater issue at hand? I am not here to talk politics, or discuss issues that are "debatable", but I am here to address a possible symptom.

Symptom as Defined:
  1. A physical or mental feature that is regarded as indicating a condition of disease, particularly such a feature that is apparent to the...
  2. A sign of the existence of something, esp. of an undesirable situation.
When there is something wrong with our bodies, it usually takes place in the form of a symptom. This is usually when we go to the doctor and try to figure out what is going on. However, today's medicine has been influenced by the big pharmacy companies and while I am not here to credit or discount the medical world, we have strategically become a society that often treats the symptom rather than the cause, until it is too late.

This is a common theme in our society. We treat the high cholesterol with a cholesterol pill but continue to eat poorly. We have become obsessed with big brands as status symbols but fail to acknowledge some of the poor working conditions of those who make these brands. We spend outside of our means to keep up with the Jones, while accumulating massive debt. We wear fur coats and leather at the cost of innocent animals. We idolize TV celebrities.

I am not here to blame. We are all guilty of some sort of this behavior. We relish in the rich and famous. We like quick fixes. We like fancy things. Our attention span is short. Our world is divided. We fall deaf on the needy. We can't hear the cries of our bodies. We kill for our God. We crave power and recognition. We pretend that bad things don't happen and when they do we turn them into a movie.

I am not sure what this all means in the greater scheme of things but I have to ask myself what type of values we are truly living. When terrible things happen in our society, no one wants to talk about them other than to blame our politicians, or to blame our laws, or to blame the one who pulled the trigger, but no one wants to admit that perhaps this is all a symptom of a greater issue at hand and instead of blaming everything around us, we should start to find the cause and treat the whole.

I am outraged, saddened and disgusted by some of the things I see in the news. It is not the news that is to blame though. Perhaps it is our obsession with the news and the media. Perhaps it is our obsession with the spotlight and perhaps it is our glorification of these terrible things. We speak of the law of attraction but no one seems to see the connection between tragic events and what we submit ourselves to everyday. We watch movies of murder, torture, good guys and bad guys and we idolize the skills of Spies, Cops, and Super Heroes. We play video games to emulate these skills and for some reason we are entranced by the darker sides of violence. But when these things somehow manifest into the real world, we cannot imagine how something of this magnitude could possibly happen.

Are we not telling our children through our obsessions that this is what we value? Do we have young children that simply want love and recognition for who they are, but feel they are inadequate and in the midst of confusion try to emulate the glorified skills they see on TV to try to find a sense of value? Don't get me wrong, I am not blaming parents or saying they are not nurturing their children and loving them but I am saying that there might be a disconnect. This is not a disconnect between parent and child, this is a disconnect between ourselves and ourselves. We strive so hard to pretend that we are more than we are externally. We drive fancy cars, we are slaves to consumerism, we are this and that and our title is better than yours and my salary is this and your salary is that.

Externally we compete. It is the law of survival of the fittest and in this society we compete externally in order to survive. We live in a capitalist society and that is simply how we are taught. Money has become the currency of survival and so do the items that money can buy. In this way it makes sense that we idolize celebrities because they are in essence the "most fit". It is not all a bad thing, however we externally continue to strive and sometimes it is at the cost of our internal well-being. We hold on so tight to the illusion of outward success that we fail to go inside and tell ourselves that success is not always external. If we forget to tell ourselves this message and strive so hard for these external "things" then we might be forgetting to tell our children this as well. If we could go inside for a little longer and find the love, the peace and the light, then perhaps the fuse of the anger and rage that inspires these terrible acts, will subside before it finds its match.

I could continue on about this topic but I cannot say that I have a solution. All I have is a mirror. We can blame the world around us and try to band-aide the symptom, or we can see that we are ALL connected and apart of a whole and ban together with love rather than blame. We can send love rather than hate. We can offer empathy rather than accusations. We can grieve for those that have lost, but also grieve for ourselves. We can grieve for the loss of innocence and stand together rather than divided and try to remember that our internal world might need some love and attention too.

Please go hug the ones you love and tell them from the bottom of your heart that you love them for who they are, in all their uniqueness, quirks and faults. Please appreciate the moments you have now and live these fragile moments in light rather than darkness. Perhaps someday our news will be filled with beautiful things that attract more beautiful things.