The Art of Gratitude

It is important to take a moment to be thankful, but in this essence there are many gifts. It is not something that we should do once a year or only in times of desperation but something we should incorporate in our lives as a way of living. Gratitude as defined: "The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness." But how can this simple act really begin to make big changes in our lives?

The act of taking a moment to look around in our lives and find all that is good and all that we are grateful for shifts our mentality. When we focus on the negative in our lives or the things we don't have or don't want generates the energy of separateness and discontent. This then generates more of the same... more discontent and more not having. But the simple act of finding all that we are appreciative, grateful, thankful and happy for in our lives allows a major change to occur.

When our focus in life is that of gratitude, we begin to vibrate content, happiness, and ultimately love. This is like honey that attracts more of the same in our lives and without focusing on what we want or do not have, a wonderful thing starts to happen. Those things begin to attract in our lives.

This is the best medicine to turn around negativity in our lives and reach for happiness. Gratitude is the best way to combat feelings of despair, disappointment, loss, and negative thoughts. Be grateful in simple ways, each moment, and watch the shift make major changes in your life. 

Ways to be grateful.

  1. Acknowledgement - Take a moment to acknowledge that things in this world work in mysterious ways and that you don't need to control everything in life. There is some magic greater than you that allows the world to spin, the sun to set, and the rain to fall and you are somehow connected to this wondrous mysterious force. Acknowledge that you do not need to know everything and that you can trust that things will be okay. Acknowledge that the things you do not have may be blessings in disguise and instead focus your energy on seeing the beauty in this world. This opens the door to be grateful and appreciative. 
  2. Gratitude - In this moment, right now, ask yourself what you are grateful for. Sometimes it is simple as having a home, a friend, a job, or a smile from a stranger.
  3. Appreciate - Find the things in life that you can appreciate. Perhaps it is something beautiful. Maybe it is a skill or talent in someone. Maybe it is your favorite food, a car that works, a funny joke. Appreciation is very powerful and attracts more abundance in life.
  4. Self Love - Find ways to nourish yourself. Be grateful and appreciative of yourself. Not in a selfish way, but in a loving and kind way. Appreciate your quirks and your uniqueness. Find ways to love yourself. Be alone for a moment. Find the peace and love in yourself and this will equip you to be a complete person. Remember that you cannot fully give love until you have a full cup yourself.