Breaking the Limits

We walk in the midst of the roar, supported by the floor and covered by our ceiling. We dream through the window of tomorrow and we appreciate the shelter of inside. But we grow and we grow. At some point we have grown to a point that our ceiling is too low and our window is too small. How do we get beyond our ceiling and break through our limits? How can we expand when it feels we have no where to go?

The problem is that many of us reach a point where we have outgrown our shell but we are unable to figure out how to get beyond it. Our shell can be whatever life situation we are faced with.

When we decided that we want a new shell (or life situation), what we most often do is find frustration in the one we already have. We become critical and unhappy or try to make the best of the shell that we have but still feel we are bursting at the seems. All this does is solidify the structure that contains us.

What most of us fail to do is find the solution that will break through our limitations to raise our ceiling. We become so focused on the ceiling that we begin to suffocate, or we try to learn how to live with a low ceiling which never really allows us to blossom.

This is the point where we need to start constructing! Most of us hope that the ceiling will raise on its own. That our shell will magically grow or that our window will suddenly have a new view. This is non-sense! We need to build. We start building the life situation that we need, desire and deserve with our mind and our imagination. We need to use that small window and imagine. We need to be able to see and FEEL the ceiling raising. We already have all the tools we need to construct and reconstruct our life, but it is through the power of our imagination that the construction begins. We might need to construct from the ground up or we might only need to construct a small portion, but construction happens in our mind.

We must focus on building our shell in order to stretch beyond our limitations but the key is the constructing process. When we build a house, it goes into construction. We must do the same with our life. This means we must create the blueprints that will be used to make real changes in our life.

The blueprints start with a vision and our imagination. Then we must allow construction to take place. This is done through our feelings. This might sound silly, but we must feel as though the changes are already taking place. We must FEEL they are real and they are happening, even if there is no evidence of transformation in front of our eyes. It is through this alignment of how we feel and our imagination that construction gets completed and we break the limitations of our life.