Beyond the Laws of Attraction - Remembering to be Happy Now

So many people are fascinated with the idea of the "law of attraction". While I too, see so much power in this notion, I wanted to make a special mention to some of the themes that I think can easily be misunderstood and cause a lot of potential disappointment.

This all started when a close friend of mine who is very into the law of attraction, called upset. What am I doing wrong? She cried. I have been doing everything the books say and it's not working. After some thought about why she felt so disappointed, it dawned on me that there is a lot of emphasis in these laws on the outside world, and this can lead to disappointment. Here's why:

The laws of attraction say:
  • We are in control of our destiny
  • We deserve the life we desire
  • It is our thoughts and vibrations that will bring these things into our lives.
At the risk of sounding cynical, which I am not, I just want to make a few points about these ideas to hopefully eliminate any potential disappointment these laws might create.

We are in control of our destiny: This is a magical statement but also gives us a huge responsibility in controlling our destiny. I would like to propose a step back from this. While yes, our thoughts, actions, choices and state of mind lead us in the direction of our lives, the universe has many wondrous powers that are beyond our logical understanding. The idea that we are in control of our destiny presents an idea that we must take control and this is a huge responsibility. Yes, we must control our thoughts and actions, however allow the universe to work its magic and let go of some of this responsibility. Things are not always what they seem and if we have too clear of a vision in our heads of what our destiny must look like, then we are disappointed when our lives go a different direction. We must be open to opportunity and possibilities in ways that we don't understand. Let go of this idea that specific things must happen for us to be happy and let go of this pressure that everything is on our shoulders. We must work with the universe but be open to the course it takes us.

We deserve the life we desire - so we must attract it to us: While we all deserve the best and the most out of life, this is an emphasis based on the external world. That somehow we are due a lifestyle that is greater than the one we already have. This again puts the focus on material items and leads to dissatisfaction. But what about our inner world? If we operate in a state of mind that says that what we have is not good enough and we deserve more, then we are robbing ourselves of the gifts that are already there in our lives now. We need to be present in the moment and be thankful for all the blessings in our lives and be happy with our lives in this moment. If we can have an attitude of gratitude then miracles can happen. What may seem like a life of glamour can be deceiving. We do not know the internal state of everyone around us, and who is to say that happiness stems from these external things. Think of the inner turmoil of many of the wealthy and celebrities. If we can refocus our thoughts to finding the happiness that we all deserve then we can find satisfaction in our life, regardless of how it looks to the outside world. Rather we must embrace the lessons our life has to offer with grace and be open to learning and growing as a person.

Let the magic of the universe do its thing, without feeling the need to control the outcome. Find things in life that you enjoy that can be a source of happiness regardless of the house you live in, big or small, or the things you  have or don't have. Be open minded to the opportunities in your life. One setback may actually be the gift you were searching for, or a lesson you must grasp, and you have to be able to open yourself to seeing it.

Know that your heart desires are already known, and you must simply have faith in the process without trying to control it. While I think the laws of attraction are a wonderful and powerful tool, I also think it is important to live in the now, with grace and contentment and it is these things that will bring more into life, but we must not be so focused on the result. I think this is the spirit of the law of attraction but so many people get too wrapped up in the external world and then find disappointment when things don't turn out the way they hoped. I hope this helps to take some of the pressure off us and lets us be present in the moment, and be happy for the life we are living because that is the life we are living.