Telling Your Story

Life is a string of moments pieced together to tell a story. Some moments string together easily while others don't quite fit the other pieces well and we are forced to make them fit. We must adjust our story with each new moment as new perspective emerges.

We tell ourselves who we think we are, what we like and dislike, what our goals are and where we are headed. We have good stories about ourselves and bad stories. Often times something bad will happen and we will recreate the story in our mind telling ourselves "this always happens to me", and yet, we forget that there are many times when it isn't so. We begin to latch onto these stories in our minds to create our reality. We may build up good stories and find it easy to brush away failure because failure is not apart of our story and we move forward without skipping a beat.

Many people don't realize they spend so much time trying to create and recreate their story that they fail to simply experience each moment, without the need to filter through all the details. We are in relationship to the world around us and because of this contrast we are always assessing where we fit. There are so many details to process and it is impossible to be mindful of our every thought, which can make it difficult to tell our story.

We must be able to process the world around us and in order to do this a story almost automatically unfolds. Life can be told in a number of ways. None of us tell the same story, even about the same event. We must be able to tell the story without getting too attached to where it goes. When we get too attached to the story, disappointment is inevitable. If the story goes in a new direction we may not know how to process it and may instead tell ourselves little lies to keep the story in tact. We must be honest but also open minded enough to watch it unfold in a mysterious new way.

The key to telling the story is not focusing on every detail of how you relate to the world around you, but instead to find adventure in the story as it develops. If we can let go of some control, our story might be able to emerge in ways we never imagined and take us to new heights that we could never have dreamed. Let go of the details but always make sure to set in motion your intention.

Intention may be the lesson of the story, the energy of the story, or a direction of the story. Intention is your intentions to be happy, to find love, to find satisfaction, to be a good person, etc. Use your intentions wisely for even bad intentions can set into motion an entirely new story.

You may not even be aware of your intentions, which limits where your story may go. You must always be mindful of your intentions. You must be aware of the story you tell yourself in your own head, but that may be difficult with so many thoughts running around. This is where you can use your intuition, your gut, how you feel about something, your heart, etc to test how your story is sitting deep within yourself. If you are feeling bad, perhaps the story you are telling yourself is not the story you should be telling yourself. These stories may be self-destruction and will set these intentions into the world. Use how you feel as a guide and re-tell your story with positive intentions.

Don't be afraid of letting your story be an adventure and take you to new places. We can set our intention into the world and watch mysterious things unravel. Be open minded to the opportunities and possibilities that may be before you and set your positive intention into the beyond.