Embracing the Mask

We all wear masks to the world. Many of us want to be seen from behind the mask but don’t know how, while others would prefer never to be seen past the mask. Whatever the mask is, we all wear one so why not embrace this with open arms. 

Embrace your own mask and the person behind it. Be comfortable in your mask and how it can serve you in life. Having a mask is not a bad thing, it is simply a tool. This tool can help you as long as you know your duty and know how to use the mask. How do you present yourself to the world? This is your mask. You should not be attached to the mask for it is only a tool and don't be fooled into thinking the mask is the real you. There is something deeper. 

Use the mask to reach your goals knowing if you make it your friend, it will serve you. The mask is not a crutch, a lie, or anything deceitful. It is there as apart of yourself and is a buffer between you and the world. Behind the mask is a beautiful person and you must nurture this person. It is the person behind the mask that we must be good to and love. 

We must respect the mask but nurture our deeper self. Everyone has a mask that they also present to the world. Knowing this can help you to see people in a new light by knowing that there is more to others than might meet the eye. Learn to respect the masks of others and seek to nurture the person behind it, even if you can see that far. In time, seeing  past the masks of the world will be easy and in this you will see more truth.