Illusions - Seeing Past The Structure

There is a lot of talk about raising vibration and increasing one's frequency in order to attract the things in life we so greatly desire. Often it is easy to think we can simply think hard about something and hope it will magically come into our lives.

Often we are disappointed when such things do not enter our lives and we become wary of these types of practices. Something that so greatly needs to be addressed about this process are the many illusions we often get trapped in. These illusions become so solid and real that we fail to recognize they exist. These illusions can be great traps to the progress we would like to make and yet we often don't even realize they are there.

What are these illusions? Illusions are ideas about life that start to form solid structures in our lives. Structure can be defined as clearly as the home in which we reside. It has walls and contains us. It creates form and substance. It offers rules and guidelines. It can be seen as clearly as night and day. Most structure in our life is clearly defined in a quantitative form. This might be our job title, our address, our name, and it slowly becomes more and more qualitative as it expands as our identity and our beliefs.

Form is all around us. It creates the chair that you sit on and the computers that you see. From a distance most everything is form. It has clear and defined structure. What we often forget is that when broken down into tiny particles, this form loses its substance and its structure. The chair turns into a series of atoms that vibrate and hold other participles together. At this level, there is no chair but only energy that appears solid.

Our mind does not grasp a chair at this micro level however. It does not tell you that what you see under a microscope is really wood particles vibrating together in solid form. It tells you only, that this is a chair. It creates the world in which you see around you as a series of labels and associations. Our mind is a very powerful tool needs structure to perceive and make sense of the world in which we live.

We think of things in groups, categories, and associate them with feelings and thoughts. We often have very strong emotional connections to the structure in our lives. Structure extends beyond the physical (wood particles vibrating together) to a simplified idea that we can grasp and communicate (chair). This structure creates the physical world around us but it also creates the ideas and the symbols behind them. We react to many of these ideas and symbols as strongly as physical form. With this, we build structures in our live that are both physical and invisible.

Most of us don't realize that these invisible forces are responsible for much of our behavior and thoughts regarding the world. We need structure in our life but must be careful when invisible structures become so real in our minds that we cannot see through them.

Marketing, for example uses this invisible structure to create associations in your mind connected to a product. This dictates how you feel about the product in hopes you will build an association to a brand and buy it. What we learn in school does the same thing. Education is a process of learning information about a particular subject in an an "approved" environment. We, as a society have build this institution as a structure and it defines what it means to know something about a particular topic or what it means to be educated. People can learn the exact same information in other ways and they may indeed know just as much, however because it was not done in the "approved" environment, such information is not deem "official" and structure is created and perpetuated.

We possess very strong ideas, attachments, and associations as an individual, a group and global community to these types of structures. Society tells us what is acceptable behavior and generates rules of conduct, fully punishable by law. We become a product of that in which we are apart of and we in turn, also enforce it. The structure becomes so strong that no one person can even pin point it's origin, perhaps in bits and pieces but most of all it has become an impersonal power enforced by all of us to some degree.

All of this helps to create the structure in our lives. Often it is so real that we fail to see beyond it and question any piece of it. We must participate in the structure around us in every aspect of our lives, which makes it easy to become blinded to it. If we can realize that this structure is really only an illusion, we can begin to expand our understand of ourselves, others and the global community.
Being aware of the illusion of structure allows us to expand our perspective. Thousands of years ago, humans operated in structure and thousands of years from now they will also operate in structure. However, how this structure looks was and will be very different from today. The rules that guided us in past times, the ideas and symbolism that we reacted to historically are not the same as today and they will not be the same in the future. If we can see that structure creates the world around us, we can start to identify how we and others react to these forces.

We can begin to understand where in our lives we have created these structures and start to expand our awareness. We can try to see beyond the structure into the energy that binds us all together for we are all bound to some form of structure or another. We can begin to see the unity outside of ourselves and make decisions with awareness and compassion. We can have greater control of our behavior because we can see past the structure and control our responses that we once may have been a slave to. 

Take inventory. What are the structures in your life and how are they possibly limiting your perspective? Can you see through the invisible walls or are you blinded by them? Try looking at the world without being bound to structure, without reacting to it. See structure as though you are an innocent child and see what the world reflects back to you. This is a beautiful process and by using the information from within you can begin to create the world around you, rather than the other way around.

When we understand the structure outside of us we can better control our reactions and formulate our ideas based on real information from within. With deeper understanding we can reevaluate what is really  important in our life and try create abundance in ways that will serve us and who we really are, rather than acting blindly.

With love, we can grow to see the beauty beyond the illusion.

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