The Gift and the Curse

What an amazing thing to be able to see into the beyond. What a gift to be able to heal, to perceive or to understand the invisible. When I say “gifts”, I mean anything that can be attributed to the beyond.

This could be a specific ability or a unique talent to connect with others, heal, or perhaps it is a specific moment or occurrence where something extraordinary has happened. I am using the term “gift” as an open interpretation of anything that may fall into the “unexplainable” category.

Movies are made of such gifts and heroes are created in light of such talents. Pop culture sees these types of things of the beyond as merely fantasy, yet the intrigue and curiosity is rampant in our society. Oh if such gifts really existed! What if people could do amazing things! There is a romance with such ideas and yet when such talents might actually exist, those that may possess them are met with the double edge sword.

The moment someone claims they can indeed see into the beyond, or discuss things such as intuition, energy, or healing, a wall begins to form and the romance and fantasy vanish into something else. This is because our society is not equipped to understand these things in any real depth. It is not difficult to see where our society is at the present point. Just take a look around.

Tall tales, fictional movies, and the romance of these ideas create the pop culture that makes them popular. However, because of this romance and idolization, there is a disconnect that occurs between the gifts that people dream of, and actual gifts that individuals possess deep within them. These gifts are often much less sexy in real life than made out to be in movies and yet society loves them in fictional form and often rejects them in actual form. When I say society, I am referring to society as a whole. There are many parts of society and many cultures and each differ to some degree on how open they are to the treasures we each possess within us that might be unexplainable.

Rejection or disbelief is usually rooted in some type of fear of the unknown or a misunderstanding of what is actually going on. People have made false claims about abilities and/or have scammed many innocent people. Some of these people claim absurb things for attention or to feel unique. Others wear goofy outfits and talk about strange things. It is no wonder that some of society is not open to these things. There are however many people living normal lives that possess great gifts and some of them find themselves in a type of hiding. Others are afraid to find these gifts within themselves because they don’t want to look stupid or be associated with the weirdos that claim outrageous things. Others are somewhere in between. There are people with potential gifts or fully developed gifts that come from all different types of backgrounds, cultures, religions and walks of life. Let me clarify, there are many normal people that possess amazing qualities that live normal lives and walk amongst everyone like everyone else. This tension of society and the potential rejection and fear of the unknown creates the curse for the gifted and the potentially gifted. Living in an environment where there are limited people and groups to open up to makes it difficult to stay connected to something that feels alien to everyone else. I completely understand and so do many others out there.

Living with the curse

I have struggled with embracing my gifts, as many people have. What does it mean to truly embrace a gift? Do I really have gifts or am I imagiging it? Does everyone have this or am I going crazy? Do I need to dress funny and be a possible outcast? What do I do with this gift? How do I live a normal life and still be who I am?

No one wants rejection or to be a possible outcast, or to be judged or misunderstood. I have been there. It is important to realize however, that just because you find yourself diving into deeper realizations or things you cannot logically explain, doesn’t make you strange. It makes you human. Animals have instincts that guide them through life, and yet when we look deep within ourselves to find truths or have knowledge we cannot explain that help guide us through life, there is the threat that society at large will see us as an outcast and reject us. This is amazing to me.

What to do

Compassion. The first step in living with this curse is to be thankful for the gift. Regardless of what gift it is. These gifts could simply be an answer that has come in an unexplainable fashion. It could be a coincidence that is undeniable. It could be the ability to understand people and others in an extraordinary way. Whatever it is, if you feel you have been gifted with something meaningful, first – be grateful. Second, have compassion for yourself and for your audience. Try to understand what this gift is telling you and be responsible.

Perhaps this gift is something you need to share and want to share with the whole world. This might be the right thing to do and if so, be cautioned that the whole world may not be ready to hear about your gift. There might be another way to share the message of your gift while still being mindful of how it will be recieved. When something amazing happens and you are faced with a decision to possibly keep quiet, this again, is apart of the curse. If we can however, understand where people are at in their own process and try to be respectful of that, we are then granted with another gift. Be aware that people need to understand life in their own way and in their own time. Try to be compassionate of others and try to determine the best actions to take based on that understanding.

Timing. This is one of the most important parts of living with the curse. Understanding your window of opportunity is very important. Timing is everything. Check in with your intuition, share with people you trust, or deliver your message in a way that will be well received. The messages we often get, we may get in unexplainable ways, yet the message we need to deliver needs to be delivered in a way that the right people will be open to hearing it. Being mindful is apart of living with the curse. It is simply having respect and awareness of what is going on around you.

Duty. Never shy away from your duty. If you have a wondrous gift or talent, there might be a reason. Never use your gift for selfish reason, your gift is always for the greater good. Never exaggerate your gift or be dishonest. One must be willing to accept the responsibility that go along with your gift. Don’t turn your back on what you have to offer. Never let fear get in the way of your truth, but be responsible to yourself, others and society at large.

Transformation. Slowly but surely as truth unfolds, transformation will occur. It will be begin with individuals, then small groups, small communities and finally the overall global consciousness will begin to evolve. It will first take place quietly as an undertone. There will be events that will greatly shift consciousness in spikes and spurts. They will ebb and flow. Digress and evolve. Be patient and always put focus on expansion. One person can only do their part to transform society. In time it will seem silly that people didn't accept things such as intuition. These will be things that science uncovers. Even physics is beginning to understand that the very presence of observation changes the observed. We are much more powerful creatures than we give ourselves credit for sometimes, and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

In time, you will realize there really is no curse at all. It is simply the understanding of how to go about life with certain abilities in a responsible way. Life will tell you which way that is and that is not a curse, but another gift.

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