Living with Simplicity

Is it a surprise that the more weight we have on our shoulders, the heavier the load feels? The more we have to think about, the more we have to process, the more we have to manage forces our minds to race. So then, why are we obsessed with gathering more? The world that we live in is focused on the material, and while that is all fun and dandy, what about focusing on gaining more of the invisible world instead.

The more material items we consume, the greater the stress. It becomes this monster that needs to be fed constantly in order to survive. At some point the monster will always need more to be satisfied and when it cannot be fed, it will self destruct.

Many have said, less is more. Many feel better with less on their minds, with less things to worry about, and yet it is almost impossible to shake the ever growing world of material possessions and desires. Our very society is based on this consumer mentality. But at some point we break. At some point, our humanity is lost because we are not feeding the invisible force inside of us.

Our creativity dwindles, our intuition is lost, our energy drains and our inspiration stifles. This is no way to live. If this is how you are feeling, then the monster has taken over. It seems difficult to live in a consumer world and still be able to have a simple lifestyle, but it is possible. Simplicity can be a state of mind and one can still enjoy material items, there just has to be a balance.

One just has to learn how to control the monster. It requires a shift in focus. If we can see the benefits to removing the excess, then living a simpler life will reap many rewards. Less is more! At least to the invisible forces. This doesn't mean one has to sacrifice the "good" life. Rather, pick the things that bring you happiness and peace and let go of all the rest.

Some tips
  • Focus on what feels good and brings you peace
  • Declutter your life - take a car load of things you don't use often to the Goodwill
  • Write out a to-do list - this helps you to focus on the things that need to get done rather than running around aimlessly
  • Add some plants and flowers to your living space - this is good energy full of life and oxygen
  • Re-evaluate how you spend your time - write out a list of everything you do in a day, and then go through that list and remove unnecessary activities
  • Breathe deeply - stop a few times a day and breathe! This will help you to clear your mind and focus on the things that are important
  • Exercise - this should not be one of the activities to remove
  • Declutter again - after that first load or two to the Goodwill, ask yourself if you are still hanging on to useless items
  • Have a few nice items rather than a bunch of okay items
  • Save your money! Use money on the necessities and life experiences rather than "stuff"
  • Stay away from the people and places that feel heavy
  • Narrow down your hobbies - try to be good at one or two, rather than okay at many
  • Clean! A clean and organized space also helps to declutter your mind
  • Get organized - find bins, systems, and tools to help keep things organized
  • Check in with yourself - how are you feeling? Pay attention and try to notice when things feel good and when they don't. If they don't feel good, then stop doing them!
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