Itching to be Creative

Life is creative. Constantly ebbing and flowing and creating and destructing. Then creating again. Each of us has a unique gift that whether we feel we are the "creative type" or not, lingers. Some know instinctively their creative gift. Some do not. Many do not, actually.

Some are known as "artsy", while this term may steer others away from expressing their own creative instincts. Society labels and defines what is creative and what is not. This can be detrimental to the many people that have creative abilities but may not know exactly how to express it.

Some sing. Some dance. Some paint. We all know the typical creative labels, but there are so many tiny glimmers of creativity that come out in other forms. Most people may not even realize these tiny glimmers are really creative gifts, trying to make themselves known, ever so slightly. Some questions I ask: Does creativity need to be recognized to be worthy of praise? Does creativity need to be obvious to be brilliant?  Does creativity need to be anything but creativity to be creative?

Many people find themselves with a type of "creative itch". Sometimes this takes shape in an obvious form due to being inspired by an idea, a cause or a project. Other times this itch grows and people don't realize that something within them is itching to come out.
Definition of Creative, according to Oxford Dictionary:
  • involving the use of skill and the imagination to produce something new or a work of art

A few definitions of itch, according to Oxford Dictionary:
  • an uncomfortable feeling on your skin that makes you want to scratch 
  • a strong desire to do something
So according to Oxford, creativity requires a skill in order to produce something new or a work of art and one must have a strong desire, even an uncomfortable feeling to create. I argue, however that what if one simply doesn't have a focused skill? What if you have an itch to create yet the outcome is not new or a work of art? Have you then failed at being creative?

I argue that creativity is simply an energy. A desire. A feeling. This feeling can be so strong and so uncomfortable that one simply must find an outlet to allow creativity to be. One can use this energy for many things. Society at large may set up rules about what it means to be creative or how the outcome must look in order to deem creativity worthy, but all this does is establish a deep insecurity in people. By qualifying what is skillful or a work of art, it weakens the creative flow within us, and we must regain that control and allow this energy, skillful or not, to come through, regardless of the outcome.

Letting go of societies standards and what is considered creative, is the first step in allowing our own, unique gifts to develop. There can be something beautiful in the ugly and ugly in the beautiful, so who is to decide? One must ask themselves what they enjoy being creative at. One must ask, what is my unique style? And there may be one outlet, or there may be many.

One may simply need to recognize this energy is within themselves and that it's okay to express it in small ways. Regardless of how it takes shapes, creativity needs an outlet. So don't be afraid to harness your creativity. Don't let the rules of what it must look like dictate what inspires you and how you want to express that. Find an avenue, or many, find your style and even if it's expressing that style in small ways, express away.

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