Decisions - How to Have a Conversation with Your Heart

We are required to make decisions all the time. Sometimes these decisions are big and sometimes they are small. Have you ever felt like you are unsure which route to take? Or which decision to make? I know I have.

Often what happens is we get trapped in our mind, spinning around the details, the facts and rationalizing our options. Does this sound familiar?

I find that when I am trapped in my mind, my decisions come from a place of logic, which makes sense of course, but sometimes there is still a feeling that doesn't always sit well. This is because when we only make decisions with our minds we forget to check in with our hearts. When the heart is not involved in life decisions we steer farther and farther away from our deepest truth. When we fail to listen to the heart, the heart's voice gets weaker and weaker. It may become so weak that it is almost impossible to hear.

It may take some practice to listen and sometimes what the heart has to say makes no logical sense at all. Sometimes it says something that you don't want to hear. And sometimes it takes some convincing that you will actually listen for your heart to even speak. If you just want to hear what your heart has to say, but fail to listen, it will stay quiet. There is some commitment that you will have to make to your heart, regardless of what it has to say, for it to speak to you.

The more you listen however, the more it speaks. The more you act on what it says, the more it guides you. The more it guides you, the more aligned you become with your inner truth. Often when we listen with our minds, we are guided by logic that makes sense to others. Of course we are not everyone else, we are our own unique being with our own unique purpose and gifts to offer the universe.

When we listen with only logic, we are not acting out our truth, we are acting out the truth of others. Because we are all connected, it is necessary that each of us acts out our own truth to bring harmony to everything else. Our truth will inspire others and bring about the right situations that are needed for everything else to be in harmony.

The heart is the only guide to discover this inner truth. We must take the journey to connect ourselves with the greater purpose of the universe and align ourselves with our truth. The only way to do this is by listening to what your heart has to say. Otherwise there will be a feeling deep inside that feels unsettled, nervous, restless, and out of alignment. Once we listen, and act, we are guided to deeper meaning, peace, and love. The universe unfolds when we are grounded in the truth of our hearts. At that point, the mind becomes a friend to the heart and they can both work in harmony, together.

An exercise to start to speak to your heart

  • In a quiet place take a moment to breathe in deeply for 5 seconds

  • Breathe through your heart

  • Breathe out for 5 seconds

  • Breathe through your heart

  • Quiet your mind, just focus on your heart

  • Feel what it is saying

  • Breathe

  • Continue this for several minutes or when pondering a decision

  • Finish my appreciating all the good in your life

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