Finding the Courage

What were your dreams as a child? As a child, the whole world was my possibility as I'm sure it was yours. I dreamed so big that when opportunities knocked at my door, I would laugh because they were too small. I was courageous in those days. Willing to take a risk. Willing to stand tall and proud. Willing to scream my dream to the world as if demanding they come to me.

Then one day I had a set back. It was small at first and didn't phase me. Then shortly after, I had another set back. My dreams became confused with clouds of confusion. How confusing! I didn't understand setback in those days. I was too proud to show weakness so I didn't and I found over time something was breaking within me.

Where did your dreams go? In life, we dream big and we have roads that we travel on. I was traveling one day through Arizona and noticed many crosses on the side of the road. They were crosses where at that point, someone had lost their life. Someone was traveling unsuspectingly and life was taken from them in an instant and now only a cross shows they were there. Sometimes they are decorated and sometimes there are flowers but their story remains, they were stopped in their tracks and never made it to where they were going.

In our own lives we too have many dreams that are shattered on a road to somewhere. We too, lose a part of ourselves while traveling down our paths and hitting a roadblock. It is like our dreams have died on the side of our road to somewhere and sometimes we fail to put them to rest. They become like ghosts of our past that start to haunt us and make us feel anxious and unsettled in moving forward on our journey. They will bring us fear when strength is needed and they will frighten us to continue on our paths.

We all have these crosses scattered throughout our past where at some point on that road, we did not come to our final destination. When this happens we may stop dreaming. These little deaths may be from a disappointment, hardship, trauma, a fork in the road, or a setback in some way and they stop us from reaching our dreams and goals. They stop us from moving forward on our journey. They keep us frozen on the side of the road like a cross with no flowers of love and celebration. When something like this happens on our path and and we do not put it to rest, it can cause us many troubles. So instead, take some time to think about the girl or boy who had dreams and plans. Think of and recognize that little girl or boy that never made it to their destination and celebrate the spirit of life that it had. Put it to rest by sending it love.

By recognizing the many deaths that we have on our own path, and allowing them to be healed with celebration and love, we can continue on our path, wiser and stronger. We can find the courage again to get back on that road and dream big. We can find the spirit of hope and the spirit of courage to propel us forward towards our destination. There may be many roads to get there and a few detours along the way, but in the end you will find your destination. It may not be exactly what you expected but you will learn many important things along the way. You may even realize that the journey was the destination.

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