Tapping Into Intuition - The Invisible Gift

Everyone has the potential to tap into intuition. What exactly is the intuition? It can be described as "instinctive knowing (without the use of rational processes)". It is your internal guidance system that some call a gut feeling. Every action that you take either resonates within your being, or it does not.

Not all actions and paths in life are created equally. One path may make sense for someone while it does not make sense for you. In a world of unlimited possibilities, direction and choices, how does one really take steps in finding the right path, making the right choices and finding the right answers?

As one gets to "know" themselves, they begin to understand logical choices in life. The mind has the ability to make logical decisions with available information. The mind is amazing, powerful and very logical. Logic often includes data and information based on other peoples experiences. The mind is certainly magnificent with many possibilities in it's grasp, but there is something beyond the mind.There is a source of information that is unique to you, that is beyond the mind, beyond rational process, and very accurate.

It is easy to discount the intuition because it is invisible. It is outside of the scope of science because it is not observable. When someone is making decisions and using data outside of themselves, there is certainly value in using logical analysis. However, when using information that may have been intended for someone else or that resonated well with someone else's psyche, you cannot be certain that this rational analysis is good for you, without checking in with your intuition.

Each of us has a "Guidance System". This guidance system is full of valuable information. This information can help to direct you to your next move, to know what time is best, to know which choices are better than others, to stay out of harms way, to guide you to the right situations and the right people, and to give you solutions to everyday obsacles. Use for the intuition is unlimited and people that have a very advanced guidance system can see into the beyond with complete accuracy.

How to Tap into the Intuition
Tapping into the intuition first requires that you get out of the mind. The mind can be of assistance, however it needs to be in the passenger seat, and intuition in the drivers seat. Clearing the mind is easy for others and difficult for some. Meditation may be helpful in clearing the mind, or practicing deep breathing exercises. It is important to begin to make contact with the guidance system which is located in the gut and the heart. Your intuition uses sensations in the body to let you know that it is talking to you. This may come across as a "good" feeling, or a "bad" feeling. It may come across as a strong heaviness in the body, or a instant flash in the mind in the form of an idea or thought.

The more you listen to intuition, the more it talks to you. The more you ignore the sensations, instant flashes and feelings that it is trying to communicate to you, the less it will continue to communicate. Starting out using the intuition may feel very shaky at first because it may not be a little shy in the beginning if you have neglected it. Please know that the more that you listen and act on your guidance system, the more it will talk and guide you.

The very definition of intuition is "instinctive knowing (without the use of rational processes)". This means that sometimes you will get guidance that is not logical to your mind. It is outside of your rational process and the mind may easily interfere and tell you that the information is bad or wrong. This is a battle that the mind and the intuition may struggle with for sometime, as trusting your intuition is often the most difficult thing to do.

The first clue that your intuition is trying to talk to you usually comes across as a sensation in the body that spontaneous occurs while you are in the midst of doing something or thinking something. You may get a bad feeling, a heavy feeling, or an ache is your gut. This usually indicates that your guidance system is warning you or cautioning you and wants you to pay attention. If we are going to use the intuition we need to understand that it is very subtle in the beginning and that it takes mindful awareness to realize that there is an internal alert.

If you have determined that you have a negative feeling about something, it is advised to continue the process of narrowing down the feeling or sensation. It is best to spend some time alone and review what gave you the sensation. This may play out to be trial and error in finding exactly what it was the did not resonate with your guidance system. Perhaps it was only one small detail that didn't feel right to your guidance system and it is trying to communicate with you. You may need to go over the details, one by one, and pay attention to how your body feels or reacts to each detail.

After you have determined that your guidance system is trying to tell you something, it is important to listen to what it is trying to say. While you are experiencing the feeling or sensation, a random thought or idea may also enter your mind. This is where the mind becomes partners with intuition. Sometimes the thought or idea may seem so out of left field that you discount it to being "stupid". Sometimes the idea or thought is not something you want to hear or act upon or seems silly.

I have had strong feelings about things that did not make any logical sense at the time, only for it to prove completely accurate at a later time. We cannot always foresee or predict the ebbs and flows of life, but with help from the intuition you can be a bit better prepared.

The intuition may use different tactics to get your attention and it does not always come across as a bad feeling. Sometimes it will come across as a good feeling or a lightness that you are on the right path. The heart can also tell you many things and works with your intuition. Sometimes the hearts journey to self discovery is a little odd but necessary for you at the time. Things do not always make sense in the moment, but looking back usually are perfectly clear. Always trust the process and let your guidance system direct you.

Animals have animal instinct that may be referred to as "the inherent disposition of a living organism toward a particular behavior". This is a built in mechanism required for the animals survival. It would make sense then, that Humans have their own guidance system.With practice intuition can be a excellent tool in every aspect of life. It can help you determine the right path for you, if only you will pay attention to it and listen.

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