Psychic & Energy Attacks - Are you having one?

Psychic and energy attacks are much more common than people may think. Yet, in today's world they are severely overlooked and often times misdiagnosed by medical practitioners. I will talk a bit about my own experiences as well as potential symptoms and ways to deal with these attacks.

I have had many symptoms in my life that are completely unexplainable. I have gone to doctors, specialists and have done my share of research. As a teenager, I experienced severe migraines. The doctors could not cure them or find a source. I did eventually cure them, but that is a different story. As an adult I started experiencing hives on my legs. I went to doctors and several specialists and was diagnosed with chronic hives. There was no known cause and no cure.

Having symptoms that are completely unexplainable will force a person to extreme means to find a cure, to get rid of the pain, and to explain the unexplainable. One thing I found in my search to understand my chronic hives was a small overlooked section that came up again and again, but was never talked about in detail:

According to Medilexicon's medical dictionary, urticaria is "An eruption of itching wheals, colloquially called hives, usually of systemic origin; it may be due to a state of hypersensitivity to foods or drugs, focus of infection, physical agents (heat, cold, light, friction), or psychic stimuli."

The last statement states "or psychic stimuli", but no where in my research could I find an explanation of its meaning. After two months of chronic hives, which is a form of an allergic reaction, I began to wonder if I was allergic to the bizarre. Am I allergic to a ghost? Am I allergic to someones energy? Am I being psychically attacked? What is going on?

I'm sure if you have experienced something unexplainable, perhaps you have asked yourself if something completely strange is 'triggering' you? If not, then perhaps if the symptoms persisted you would find yourself beginning to wonder.

In the quest to understand my condition, I did not rule out the abnormal. I began a series of essential oil baths and found that my condition was one of heat, irritation, and agitation. What I also found was that the irritation of my skin also brought about irritation from within. I was irritated with my condition and therefore was easily agitated. So did my internal agitation cause the physical symptoms or the other way around? What I began to uncover is that I had energy that was trapped in my body that needed to be released.


I had hives, however there are many other symptoms that may be a form of an energy attack. This may include: headaches, vertigo, lightheadedness, sweating, nauseousness, extreme fatigue and/or getting sick often. Of course, there are many other sources that can trigger these symptoms, however if you are fairly healthy and you have seen a medical doctor who has not been able to explain your symptoms then perhaps you have build up of energy in the body that is making you feel "off" and creating physical symptoms.

A few possible sources of  Psychic Stimuli:
  • You may be ignoring a part in your life that needs to be healed
  • You may be ignoring a message from your intuition
  • You may be in danger and need to listen to the signs
  • You may be in the wrong environment, job, relationship, town, or surroundings
  • You may be ignoring a vital lesson that you need to grasp
  • You may be surrounding yourself with bad energy
  • You may need to release energy that is trapped in the body

I would advise to see an energy healer, but here are a few things to consider. How do the symptoms feel to you? Is it hot, cold, light, heavy, thick, thin, moving, or stagnant, etc. Where in the body is it coming from and does it refer anywhere? Does anything in particular trigger the symptom or sensation? When you allow yourself to go into the feeling or sensation, what comes to mind? What in your life resembles the feel of your symptoms? If your symptoms are irritated, what else in your life causes you irritation? Is there a person in your life that could be triggering this? If your symptoms are dizzying and light, what in your life makes you ungrounded and unstable? The answers will be a start to the healing process. As all of life is connected, so is the internal to the external. As you heal this part of your life, or the relationship with a particular person, you may see an improvement to your physical symptoms.

By healing the root of the symptom, which may be completely invisible to you right now, you may be able release the energy behind it.

You may be ignoring a part in your life that needs to be healed
This means there may be something in your current situation or past that has not healed and it is coming to the surface in the form of your symptoms. Try going into the Pain-Body, try journaling, or perhaps go to a therapist to talk. If this is the case, you will have a feeling about it. Your symptoms will give you a clue as to what may need to be healed. Your symptoms are asking you to please heal.

You may be ignoring a message from your intuition
The less you listen to your intuition, the less it will speak to you. It will however give you many opportunities before completely abandoning you with silence, and this is in the form of a gut feeling. The more you ignore this feeling, the more it may try to tell you to listen in other ways. Pay attention and do not take your intuition lightly. If you have a gut feeling about something, you need to listen to it and trust in yourself.

You may be in danger and need to listen to the signs
Your body has natural defense mechanisms built into your being. One of them is your intuition but there are certainly others. If you are feeling certain symptoms around a certain person, or location, then you need to start paying attention. It may be something mild such as bad energy or bad association, or it may be something more serious that you need to make a drastic change. Let your intuition be your guide and pay attention to the signs.

You may be in the wrong environment, job, relationship, town, or surroundings
Did your symptoms occur with the start of a new job? A change in a living situation? A new relationship? A major change in your life? Etc? If so, you may simply be adjusting to the change in energy in your life and you just need some time. Make sure you are following your essence. It may be a sign that the recent change is not good for you, or perhaps you need a more serious change in your life.

You may be ignoring a vital lesson that you need to grasp
Sometimes you may find yourself dealing with the same types of issues and problems even though the circumstances are different. Do you experience your symptoms with a specific trigger? Maybe you find yourself in the same situation over and over again and your symptoms are telling you that you are the common factor and need to make a change. It is time to listen and learn. It is time to make changes in your life and in your approach. Learn from your lessons and never be a victim, especially of yourself.

You may be surrounding yourself with bad energy
If you are having symptoms but a medical practitioner is having a difficult time identifying the cause, perhaps there is something more to your condition. There is such a thing as being sensitive to certain energy. Does your home have a bad vibe to it? Does a person have a negative vibe to them? Do certain foods trigger you in some way, even though they "should" be fine for you. Listen to your body. Your body may not like certain foods, such as certain meats, processed foods, dyes, etc. I have found that I am very sensitive strange things with no apparent explanation. Take a good look at your life. Perhaps you are reacting to a messy home, stress, a co-worker, not enough sleep, chemicals in your environment, or foods you are eating. Etc. This is a difficult one to pin-point because it could be anything, however this is where it is important to use intuition and use a process of elimination. Trust your gut and pay attention to your actions throughout the day. With a little more awareness and mindfulness, we can begin to uncover the sources of our pain.

You may need to release energy that is trapped in the body or psyche
You may have the need to express yourself in some way or may have energy that is trapped inside the body. This may be the itch to be physical and active. This may be the itch to be creative. This may be an idea that is trying to come forward. Or this may be a talent that is hiding and needs to be expressed. This may also be the need to say something to someone, or to stand up for yourself. If this energy gets trapped in the body it can be very detrimental and needs to be released. If it is not released in a healthy way, the body will find a way to make its presence known. This will show up in the form of symptoms. The last thing you want is the release to turn into an explosion, so it is advised that this energy is released in small amounts regularly and consistently.

By taking some time to be mindful of the symptoms and how they feel, you can begin to unravel the source. Energy is simply that, energy and it can attack the body and the psyche if not released appropriately. Listen to your body, for you may already have the answers.

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