Finding Inspiration - Tap Into Unlimited Possibility

Inspiration is a powerful force. It is contagious and wonderful. It can move mountains. It can move hearts. Life can sometimes lose inspiration easily and finding it can sometimes feel more like a task. Some people feel the need to completely change their lives and see far away lands to find their inspiration, but this is not always necessary.

Most people that have lost their inspiration have let fear get in the way. Perhaps they found inspiration in the past, and perhaps things did not go the way they wanted. Dreaming can spark inspiration but it can also create disappointment.

Wiki describes "Inspiration" as:
  • Artistic inspiration, sudden creativity in artistic production
  • Biblical inspiration, the doctrine in Judeo-Christian theology concerned with the divine origin of the Bible
  • Creative inspiration, sudden creativity when a new invention is created
  • Inhalation, the movement of air into the lungs
Does this mean that inspiration is deeply connected to creativity as well as the divine? In moments of inspiration there is a feeling of lightness, happiness, motivation, destiny, and that all the universe is in alignment. These are moments of dreaming big, seeing something beautiful, creating, seeing a new perspective, generating results, working towards a goal, finding a solution etc. So many things can trigger inspiration. A lot of people focus on the end result of inspiration instead of the process. Life is a journey and living a life of inspiration can reveal unlimited possibility. So why not make inspiration a lifestyle?

Living life "Free to be Inspired"
Imagine having the freedom to be inspired, all the time. Imagine that whatever inspiration means to you, you have the means and the power to be in it and let it flow through you. Many people feel that they must find inspiration outside of themselves and must produce something in return. This is true for some and certainly production happens as a result of inspired thought. However having expectations of what inspiration must look like and how the end result must look can also strip it away.

Many pressures about inspiration exist. The pressure to produce something amazing. The pressure to win over others. The pressure to create a masterpiece. The pressures go on and on. Sometimes the burden of taking responsibility for potential can be very heavy. So how about not putting so much pressure on yourself? How about starting with the basics and allowing yourself with no fear, to dream.

Take a step back and begin looking at life as a complete masterpiece. Appreciate life. Appreciate its beauty and begin to look at the world with innocent perception. Innocent perception is the process of looking at everything as a child of innocence. No judgment and no attachment. It is looking at the world as though it was the first time, with wonder. Looking at the world with innocence allows you to see the true beauty that exists. Spend some time in this innocence. Spend time admiring the creation that you are apart of.

Think of the things that you are grateful for and appreciate them. Many people feel the need to go into a new environment to find inspiration. This is because a new environment allows one to see life from a different perspective and with a type of innocence. You can however do this in your own environment by letting go of the way you look at your life and surroundings. Try to see your world from a different point of view. Try to view your life as a complete stranger and see the beauty that it holds. Try to see the potential that is already there.

Life can get very complicated at times. This makes it difficult to see life with freshness. Try Simplifying. Simplification can create some space for inspiration to come flooding in. The entire process of simplification can actually ignite inspiration. Think of ways to simplify and downsize. Think of ways to make room for inspiration and potential.

Give yourself time to enjoy your surroundings and just be. With more time on your hands it doesn't matter what inspires you, or how long it lasts, you have the freedom to let inspired thoughts guide you. This guidance may take you to something new or create a new desired thought, but it is full of possibilities. Allow it. Don't force it to be anything that it is not and don't be attached to the outcome of this inspiration. You may be surprised where it takes you.

It is easy to feel like we need to have absolute control over everything in our lives, however try letting go. By letting go of having complete control over that which requires inspiration allows an infinite number of possibilities to come forward. If you have control over every detail then you are limited by your own mind to a finite amount of solutions, rather than an unlimited amount of discovery. Surrender to the divine and allow what comes to you, to come. Allow the world to show you something new and allow yourself to see its beauty.

If you can allow yourself to dream, to see the world with innocent perception and to let go, you are certainly on the right path for inspiration to spontaneously occur. It is important to let inspiration be and to not force it, but also allow yourself to laugh a little.

There is so much irony in this world. Have a sense of humor. Daily stresses that we all face can add a huge weight to our shoulders. If things don't go our way, it is easy to get discouraged, disappointed, or lose hope. Don't lose hope. Hope allows us to believe in life's possibilities and if you don't believe inspiration will sizzle. Tap into your creativity and learn to laugh. There is humor all around us and by not taking things so seriously, including yourself, a huge weight can be lifted off of your shoulders. By feeling more light and lighthearted, inspiration will be drawn to you. It will vibrate towards you.

Living an inspired life should be a lifestyle. Inspiration is contagious and just by having it can spread to others and change the world. The potential of unlimited possibility alone is inspiring. Don't be afraid to dream.

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