Finding the Calm in the Chaos

Life can be a hectic mess. Not only is there the ongoing to-do list, there are all the goals and dreams that each of us also have. In times of chaos it's easy to lose your grasp and find yourself emotionally reacting.

This can impact the quality of life and lead to unneeded stress that can deeply affect the psyche. Learning to find calmness in the midst of chaos is possible and take some practice, but the benefits are tremendous.

The key to managing the chaos is working your way out of reaction mode and in to proactive mode. This may seem like a daunting task and who needs another task! Again this is the goal. But how do you keep the calm in the midst of the craziness because getting to another point is at times not realistic.

There is constant buzzing all around yet you are calm. This is possible!  Calmness is a state of mind and it can be attained regardless of the outside world. Most people talk about relaxation methods to help bring about peace and calmness. These are excellent ways to find calmness, yet once again it is another task to manage, and that alone can be stressful. If you are familiar with stress, you know that the physical repercussions are real. It is not actually the outside events that are wearing down your body, it is your internal state that is reacting to the outside world.

Everyone has their own beat and drum that they march to. This is a beautiful thing and needs to be respected. Everyone also has their own pace and their own energy reserves. None of these are bad or good, they simply are. When the world demands that you speed up to meet certain needs or produce more energy in response to others, it only continues to deplete your production of vital reserves. Energy levels aside, this can stir the mind, the adrenals, the emotions, and create a state of mind that is anything but calm.

The first thing to understand is your current situation. Think of your current energy level, your current pace, your current load of things to do, and your current state of mind. All of these things are. They just are. They are not good or bad. You are not behind. You are not ahead. You are exactly where you are and that is okay. Having some compassion for yourself that you are where you need to be and the tools you currently have is exactly the right amount to deal with whatever lies ahead.

Mother Teresa said " “I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish He didn't trust me so much.” Regardless of your spiritual affiliation, it does not matter, if you believe in a higher power, or even if that love exists, trust that you possess everything within you to deal with whatever situation comes your way. Letting go of the internal load is half the battle. Letting go of the worry, the over-thinking, the obsessing, the analyzing, the struggle and just let it be. Trust that the Universe will provide for you and know that you can let it go and start tackling your situation. Calmly.

One technique that works really well with letting go of the worry is to visualize every frustration that you can think of and visualize putting it into a hot air balloon. Continue to fill up the hot air balloon with every single frustration, hurt, struggle and difficult thought or feeling. Once you have put everything in the hot air balloon, watch it float away and then visualize it bursting into flames along with all that was inside. This helps to clear the mind and work in a cleaner internal space.

The next technique is to clench every muscle in the body starting with the feet, the legs, the torso, arms, shoulders and upper body. Clench the body while exhaling and keep exhaling until you cannot exhale anymore, then try to get one last breath out. Then relax the body and inhale deeply. Do this several times. This allows the physical body to begin to relax.

Once the mind and emotions are under control and the body is physically relaxed, it is time to sort through the chaos with a positive approach. If there is still more frustration, anxiety, worry etc, this will need to be addressed on a larger scale. However being mindful of your internal state of mind and taking actions to slowly improve your state of mind is the best avenue. True calmness means that it does not matter how much craze is going on in the outside world, it does not affect your internal state of mind. Calmness is the mental state of being free from agitation, excitement, or disturbance. This is required for peace and happiness to begin to set in at a deep level as well as a positive approach.

Being positive really only means that every negative thought that comes to mind, is redirected to a more positive one. For example, the mind may say "I can't do this", but you redirect the thought to acknowledge the fear and add something uplifting such as "I am afraid I cannot do this, but I know that I have the tools inside of me to do it". Being positive does not mean being fake or telling yourself lies, always try to recognize the fear or the anxiety behind the thought and try to add to it with the belief and self-love to work through it.

With a positive mental attitude the next step in dealing with the chaos is to manage it. Taking inventory of everything that needs to be done by creating a to-do list, or writing out in a journal all of the feelings and anxieties that exist help to identify what you are working with. If life seems to be moving too fast and you are having a difficult time catching up, then it will be important to learn to set firm boundaries. You are in control of how you react to everything that comes your way and it make take some time to be firm, but it is within your grasp. The best way to do this is to set clear boundaries in your life.

Once you can manage the chaos you can continue to work on your internal state of mind. Practice active calmness. This means you are able to be active and work in the world, yet you are calm on the inside. Be mindful, breathe deeply, and set up boundaries to manage your life. Take on relaxing activities or learn to better relax. Take calming baths, use essential oils, exercise, try mediation, remove yourself from stressful situation or eliminate the things in your life that are causing you stress. Change can be good if going in the right direction. Calmness may take some time to implement into life and it is a journey. Understanding that calmness comes from within will allow it to manifest on the outside as well. This is an important factor to raising your vibration, finding peace, love and happiness from within.

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