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Energy can be a fickle thing. When energy is high it feels like anything is possible. When it is low, it can stop production cold. So how can we improve our energy? How can we tap into the source of all energy without burning out and continue to feel rejuvenated and refreshed? How can we use this energy to transform our beings and reach into the beyond?

Let's first take a closer look at life at a more basic level - plant life. Plants provide many important things for us. Without plant life, we could not exist on this planet. They provide food, oxygen and many other resources. Plants need the energy from the sun for nourishment and growth.

The flower is the part of the plant that blooms to spread it's seed for procreation. Like all life form, survival and procreation is critical to sustaining life on this planet. A flower ebbs and flows naturally with the cycles of night and day. Plants are responsive to movement, temperature and daily rhythms of light and dark. This is valuable information when looking at energy from an organic standpoint.

The flower is sensitive to light, dark, movement and temperature. Even plants are sensitive to vibration! Essentially the flower closes at night to conserve energy and resources. It closes with cold temperatures and movements that may be threatening. These actions do not produce energy, they conserve it. With the sun, the flower opens. With the sun the flower is nourished and can grow. It is the sun that fuels the plant.

Similar to plant life, we must learn to take advantage of the sources of energy available to us, and we also must learn to conserve that energy appropriately. Our own choices in life must support our own survival with the least possible expenditure of resources or energy.

What is our "sun" in this case? Our sources of internal energy come from light producing vibration. This vibration is that of love, laughter, lightness, inspiration, truth and universal alignment. Every choice in life is either in the direction of the light vibration or the shadow vibration. We cannot always control being in the shadow vibration, for light and darkness pass through many ebbs and flows. However we can learn to conserve our energy expenditure in times when light is unavailable. Learning timing becomes a major tool in managing energy.

In each choice in life, we must be mindfully aware of where the natural ebb and flow is. Is this a time to absorb energy or to conserve it? If a flower stays open throughout the night, it will disperse the scent needed for fertilization and use valuable resources, with no results. If your timing is not in alignment with the natural rhythms of light and dark, you too may also be using valuable resources. These resources can be in the form of energy, as well as time, money, or other valuables that can be lost.

Energy needs to be a good balance of external energy and internal energy production. We need a certain level of external energy for our very survival and this includes foods, water, nourishment, etc. This is needed in moderation, for too little or too much of anything is harmful. However, there is also the energy that is vibrating all around us. We can actually absorb this energy, some more than others. Everyday we absorb this energy without even realizing it. We absorb the energy of a busy city, an angry friend, an anxious co-worker and often times we are in a state of reaction to this energy. Certain energies around us need to be evaluated as they may not be good energy to surround ourselves with, yet we are absorbing them. A flower cannot grow in the wrong environment and neither can you. Certain energies need to be guarded against and this requires a protective shield. This requires us not only to be in conservation mode, but also in protective mode.

Absorbing the wrong energy around us can often deplete our ability to produce internal energy. It is often necessary to clear out these energies before we can begin to truly tap into our own energy production. This may mean removing yourself from bad energy entirely or learning how to shield yourself from certain energies. Some energy is too intense and will burn out your inner faculties. If a plant is in too high of heat or too much sun, it will burn and die. This is also true for us. Finding the right level of external energy and clearing out energy that may not be good for us will allow us to begin to absorb the good energy. This energy is what allows us to grow and bloom into the beautiful potential that we all possess.

In times of purity, lightness, happiness, truth, understanding, and most of all love, we are increasing our vibration to higher frequencies that absorb energy at the DNA level. This frequency is very high. It protects from lower energy vibration that vibrate at a lower frequency. High vibration comes from a pure source that rejuvenates and creates energy without depletion. It is renewable and endless. It has the ability to heal and expand in ways that can transform all that surrounds it. It is the most powerful energy that exists. We may see a glimpse of this energy in times of great joy and happiness, however unless we are able to change our vibration at the DNA level, it is most difficult to maintain.

Changing the frequency of our DNA is very real! This is the process of clearing out heavy energy that no longer serves us. It is the process of reaching constantly for the light. This process actually changes our DNA. Our cells respond to disease faster and rejuvenate more quickly. Cell-decay begins to slow down. This can transform our physical bodies and elevate our consciousness. By reaching for the light and transforming our being we can begin to understand the realms of the beyond. The beyond is within our reach and starts with the simple process of love and balance.

Explore your own world to see if you are in sync with the natural ebb and flow of light and dark. Shield yourself from energies that do not serve you and reach for light and love. Let it energize your life and transform your being.

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