Developing Your Essence

Everyone has a unique Essence that must be fed at a deep level. Understanding this Essence can open up pathways to understanding yourself, your intuition and your own creativity. I went through a transformation in finding my own Essence, and I hope you too will take the journey.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, that seems fine and wonderful to everyone else, but doesn't feel right to you? We are all unique and generate our own distinct vibration and Essence.

Everything in life has an "Essence" to it. Your parents, your mom, your dad, you friend, your dog, the plant in your home. Everything has a uniqueness and energy, some soft, some strong, that it generates. This is beyond the personality and beyond the physical eye. Some may have an Essence of calmness and creativity, and others may have more humor and adventure. Every person on this planet has a unique Essence and no one has the same Essence.

Don't get Essence confused with personality for personality is of the ego-world and Essence is independent of the ego. Essence can work with the personality but it is not of it. Essence is the raw energy that a person generates. It is what they vibrate. It is that which holds a person in their highest truth, purity and love. It is what radiates from someone when they are selflessly doing that which they truly enjoy. If you truly recognize someone's Essence you will notice that the raw energy will flicker behind the wall of personality.

Everyone has an Essence and everyone needs to nourish it. Essentially, Essence is what feeds the spirit. In order to figure out your Essence, you must ask yourself "what feeds my soul and makes me feel good?" Feeding your Essence is crucial to developing intuition, awareness, guidance, happiness and love. It is the connecting point to your spirit. There are a few ways to discover your Essence.

Discovering your Essence

What types of activities increase your energy and make you feel alive? Is it gardening, playing a sport, being outside, being with people? Do you prefer to be alone or in a group? What makes you feel creative? Is it cooking, drawing, fashion, or decorating? Does nature touch your heart or being in a city full of life and energy? Everyone has a different Essence and it must be fed. By feeding your Essence, whether that is gardening, reading a book, or playing with your dog, or simply "being" and appreciating beauty, you are strengthening your heart and allowing creativity to flow from beyond. I do not mean that you should feed your ego and personality however.

Follow what feels good and follow what makes you feel alive. Try to recognize other peoples Essence. For at a deeper level that is really what wants to be recognized. You may be annoyed by someones personality but if you can recognize their Essence you can see beyond the illusion of personality and see how to feed someone at a deeper level.

Start asking yourself "if I wasn't afraid, I would..... (fill in the blank)". If outrageous ideas come to mind, be cautious and mindful, of course quitting your job and moving to Africa may be out of the question or a very repressed Essence screaming for a change, however keep asking yourself over a period of time and if you will begin to see patterns. If Essence does not get feed it will be very undernourished and rather than tell you gently what is needed, it will be yelling at you something drastic. So beware. Start by feeding your Essence in small doses to see how you feel. Keep listening and keep asking.

By feeding your Essence, you will begin to get clear guidance that is perfectly in alignment with everything that you need in life. What comes across as a good feeling in your stomach is really a sign that you are in alignment. Call this a gut feeling, intuition or a guidance system, but each person has this valuable tool available to them if they feed their Essence. Then something amazing begins to happen. The signs lead you to your next destination. The good feeling will guide you to the answers. The coincidences in your life will pop out and tell you what you need to listen to.

This may lead to profound experiences and mysterious things can happen. Start listening to what you naturally gravitate towards and respect that you are unique and different than everyone else. Follow what feels good and trust in your gut and the feelings of your guidance system. Let it take you on your unique journey.

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