Beauty - The Hearts Medicine

Beauty is all around us. Beauty can stop our breath and make us look twice. Beauty has a way of stopping time and reshaping our perspective. Beauty is very powerful and often overlooked. It has the ability to heal the heart, refresh the dull and connect us to other beings.

Have you ever noticed how the first snow fall can make us feel like a child again, even for a split second? Or how a flower blooming can make us stop in our paths. All of nature has the ability to touch the heart in some form. Whether it is snow, the first sunshine of spring, the flowers blooming, the vast ocean, the sandy beaches, the smell of fresh salt-water, the mountains, the hills, the cool of the water, the heat of a hot springs... the list goes on and on.

Spending some time in nature or appreciating its beauty has a way of connecting you to your heart and replenishing it with vital nutrients. By simply being in nature and enjoying the surroundings, the smell, the sound, and the sights, you are starting the process of rejuvenation. It is said that contact with nature even helps the body to better absorb nutrients. This can allow the body to better process stress and also helps to eliminate toxins in the body.

Hot Springs are known to be places of healing for it's mineral contents. The body absorbs these vital minerals that aide in the healing process. The sun generates nutrients in the form of Vitamin D. The smells in nature trigger limbic responses in the brain that are associated with the emotional center.There are many benefits that are beyond our medical understanding that we have not been able to identify.

This beauty can re-inspire us, allow our creative energy to ignite and open us to our inner truths. Take some time to see the beauty around us, regardless of what it is. 

So why not take some time to walk in the park, be in the fresh air, or experience all that is around us. One way to channel the beauty around us is to imagine that we are seeing the world for the first time. This creates a new and fresh perspective that I like to call innocent perspective. Innocent perspective is very powerful in opening a gate into the beyond. Let beauty and nature heal your heart. Allow yourself to be in the moment without the worries of daily troubles. If you can be more grounded in the now, you may be surprised at what beauty comes forward. For in these moments, event the ugly can be beautiful. 

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