Vibrate Higher Than The Common Cold

The common cold. No bueno! I find I am usually susceptible to getting a cold when the weather changes, I get allergies, I am stressed, or I am around lower vibrations. The healthier a person is, the happier a person is, and the more life force and positive energy a person radiates the less likely they are to become sick.

This is because they are typically generating a higher vibration and frequency. One is less likely to become sick, ill, diseased, depressed, etc when they are generating a high vibration. Since a cold is a virus, I find that people usually get them when they're immune systems are compromised - which is usually when it is most important to try to increase your frequency.

So, how to heal a cold? The best thing to do is rest. Your body needs to rejuvenate and this is much easier to do with adequate sleep and rest. Of course, take care of yourself! This means, try to eat well, limit alcohol, processed foods, and caffeine - all of which lower your vibration and increase the things that increase your vibration.


• Drink lots of water

• Drink a blend of water, lemon, paprika, ginger and honey: This helps to kill germs and clean the system.

• Gargle with salt water: This helps to kill germs in the mouth and throat.

• Take an Epsom Salt bath and use a little baking soda.

• Take an Essential Oil bath using some of or a blend of: Eucalyptus, Ginger, Orange, Peppermint and Tea Tree. Because some of these oils are very strong and may irritate the skin, only use a few drops of each and it is strongly advised to test the skin for irritations before using in a bath. Also, it is advised to coat the entire body with oil such as Almond Oil or Jojoba Oil right before getting into the bath. This acts as a skin protection.

• Take Vitamins and Minerals – Load up on Vitamin C and electrolytes.

• It is also useful to take herbs and supplements: Echinacea - Reduces susceptibility to colds, speeds recovery. Thyme - Relieves sore throat and reduces mucus in nasal passages.

Sleep and take it easy.

• Work with an energy healer.

• See a doctor. I have provided some natural alternatives to a cold, which always go hand in hand with other treatments, but if symptoms worsen, see a doc.

Think positive thoughts and visualize yourself feeling better. The mind is very powerful! We wish you well.

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