Healing Trauma: Going into The Pain-Body

Trauma can take many shapes and forms. It can be physical, mental, emotional and beyond. Trauma can completely derail your life but life keeps going. It can seem impossible to get over or to heal from certain events and often the pain comes back when you least expect it.

I have personally experienced major trauma. It took a long time to heal. However, the scars were much deeper than just the physical. I asked myself how I attracted such events to myself and realized the healing that needed to take place was on a much deeper level. Some of the worst pain is not the physical pain but the experience that linger deep in the psyche. As many healers will say, it takes “time” to heal. This is very true, however it is important to be patient with yourself and give yourself love during the process. Instead of pushing the pain away, try embracing the pain. I call this going into your pain-body to unblock the deeper layers that also need to be healed.This may sound self-defeating but often times the pain (physical, mental, or emotional) is there for a reason.

Often physical pain is a manifestation of deeper issues that have surfaced. There is a fine line between exploring this pain in order to release it and dwelling on it too much and recreating it. This is why going into your pain-body needs to be done with love and strength.  

How do you go into your pain-body?
Sit in a quiet place with the intention to love and explore your pain-body. Stay calm and simply relax while feeling the physical pain. Let your mind go and focus on this pain whether the pain is physical, in your heart, or your mind. It does not matter. Focus on this pain with love and try to clear your mind.

Often times what will happen is images may start to come to mind or feelings may rush in. This is normal and to be expected. Have love for yourself and allow these images or feelings to come. Feel them and embrace them. Explore these feelings and send them love. Then finally release the image or the feelings and just let it be. Some of the images and feelings may be very random or some may be associated with the pain. Whatever surfaces, let it surface and acknowledge it, love it and release it. One way to release an image or a feeling is to picture it burning or floating away. If the experience is too intense then try to go into your pain-body in small doses.

After the practice, it might be helpful to journal about the images or feelings that you had. Sometimes clarity will come from doing this and moments of “ah-ha” may come. Always trust your inner self and your own intuition. It may take time to build trust in your own intuition but the more you trust it the more it guides you.

Sometimes there is no need to understand exactly what and why you are going through something. Sometimes it is more beneficial to simply acknowledge the circumstances, thoughts or feelings and send it love and then focus on the positive aspects of your life. This over time will help to heal and release the layers that may be causing the pain and allow for healing and love to begin the repair and healing process.

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