Healing Properties of Pure Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the most concentrated form of a plant. Each drop contains valuable life force botanicals with different elements that have healing properties. Pure essential oils are very different than synthetic oils which may be deceiving in their appearance or scent.

Pure essential oils can be a great aide in healing. Before handling essential oils it is important to use in moderation as even a few drops can be very powerful and irritate the skin.

Essential oils are absorbed through the skin and circulated through the blood-stream. They are also processed through the olfactory organ (sense of smell) which is much more powerful than people give credit to. The sense of smell is linked to the limbic portion of the brain which is connected to the emotions. Simply smelling essential oils or using a few drops on the skin (in a bath preferably) can work wonders.

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 Some of my Favorite Essential Oils and their basic healing properties:

  • Ginger: Arthritis, rheumatism, muscle pain & strain. Digestion, fever, colds, tension. Energizing, mental, spiritual, sexual. Confidence, courage, assertiveness.
  • Clary Sage: Nerve tonic, muscular fatigue, anxiety, throat, PMS, fertility, insomnia, stress. Balances mind-emotions. Euphoria, dreams. Calms panic and paranoia.
  • Eucalyptus: Antiseptic, antibiotic. Muscular aches & pains, colds, flu, mental exhaustion. Heals grief, sorrow. Opens pathways. Purifies negative energy in the area.
  • Frankincense: Mental fatigue. Arthritis, aging skin, respiratory problems. Dreaming. Spirituality, Meditation. Inspiration, intuition, inner guidance, soothing.
  • Grapefruit: Mental exhaustion, hangover. Cellulite. Muscle stiffness. fluid retention. Acne. Uplifting, inspiring. Mental clarity. Strengthens confidence, good mood.
  • Juniper: Fluid retention, rheumatism.. Urinary & skin problems. Mental exhaustion. Strengthening. Clears away negative energy, opens new perspectives.
  • Lavender: Rheumatism. Cuts, burns, bites, scars. Headache, calming, insomnia, tension. Conscious mind. Intuition, emotional balance, peace. Spiritual love.
  • Lemongrass: Nerve tonic, digestion, infection, acne, Diuretic, skin tonic, anti parasitic. Awareness. Purifying. Psychic mind, promotes clarity, optimism, vitality.
  • Orange: Anxiety, depressant. Colds, bronchitis, diuretic, detoxification, body tonic. Transformation. Purifying. Heightens energy for emotional-psychic tasks. 
  • Palmarosa: Exhaustion, stress. Scars, acne, nerves, fungus, intestinal infections. fatigue. Love attraction, healing. Refreshes and clears mind. Wholeness and health.
  • Peppermint: Headaches, nausea, digestion, bowels, muscle pain, sinus, shock, mouth, gas. Conscious mind. Self-purification. Inspiring, clears negative, focusing.
  • Rose: Distress, anxiety, depression, female problems, circulation, skin care-aging, love and relationship. Inner beauty, peace, confidence, strife, impotence. 
  • Rosemary: Anxiety & depression. hangover, liver, PMS, aging skin, respiratory function. Longevity, memory, love. Clears the conscious mind. Promotes recall.
  • Tea Tree: Antiseptic, antibiotic. Immune system, colds, sting-bites, congestion, arthritis, Healing. Protection against psychic attack. Purification of area.
  • Ylang Ylang: Nervousness, exhaustion. Stress, hair growth, skin care, irritability, PMS. Soothing. Clams negativity, Promotes true love. An aphrodisiac. Creativity.
Warning: Be sure only to use pure essential oils as synthetic oils or blends do not have healing properties. Be sure to purchase oils from reputable sources of the highest quality. All pure essential oils may vary greatly in price due to the means of obtaining certain oils. If oils are all the same price, they may not be pure. Be careful not to ingest essential oils as most are designed for external use.

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