Healing Compassion

Times are rough sometimes. Things don't always go my way and things don't always go the way my friends and family either. Sometimes people are wounded and are trying their best to heal. Sometimes that can be frustrating as it's easy to feel like they are not trying hard enough, or the right way, or should do things differently.

Maybe they should listen to you and maybe they are making things more difficult. Does this sound familiar?

One thing a true healer needs to possess is compassion. Mostly, compassion for the process of how one heals. I have often felt I know the right thing to do and if only they will listen! But the more experienced I am in the heart and healing, the less I truly know. The mind can get confused as it is operating in a limited framework of experiences and knowledge. For true healing to occur, the healer must let go of their own perceptions of how that person needs to heal and begin to listen.

For matters of the heart, healing may take a lot of time. Family and friends may easily get frustrated with the same old hurts and begin to lose their patience in supporting the quest to heal. It is easy for people to judge and it is also easy for someone in need to feel they should be over it by now. If a friend or loved one, or perhaps you, yourself feels this way, it can stump the process of healing and force emotions to internalize and therefore stump healing altogether and create unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Have compassion always. Regardless of how long healing takes. This may be in the forms of tears, and sadness and even anger so that healing can occur. Of course this needs to be done in a healthy manner. Allowing the feelings to come, the tears, the anger, the rage, without taking action is the key. Let the feelings come and let them go. Sometimes if someone does not feel they have a safe environment to release the hurt, it will linger inside for much longer than it needs to.

If you are a healer, have patience, love and compassion for this process. Relapse may happen, and that is okay, but moving forward sometimes means allowing for a healthy release and always redirecting energy to a more healthy and positive focus. Not focusing on the hurt or the physical pain is sometimes the most beneficial form of healing. Try laughter, try funny movies, try taking your mind off of the hurt and redirecting it in healthy ways.

This is also true of physical pain. Allow yourself to dive into the pain and let it go. Go into the pain-body and try to uncover deeper layers of hurt that may be matters of the heart that have manifested psychically. Let the feelings associated with the pain come and go. Release these feelings and then redirect the focus to something positive.

As a healer, it is not up to you to decide how healing will occur, only through your love can you initiate the process and allow for pure life force energy to do the work through you. A skilled healer may be able to see life force energy and where energy needs to be redirected or released, but it is through the divines love that healing actually takes place.

Always have compassion for the healing process. Regardless of what you think is right for someone. It is never your place to judge or tell someone how that process needs to occur. By allowing a safe environment for healing to unfold true release can occur. Focus on redirecting the hurt energy into something positive. Focus on the good and what you are grateful for. Laugh a little and see the humor in life! Irony is all around us and it can certainly be humorous if we can let go of our ego and see beyond. Focusing on the good, the positive, and the laughter can raise our vibration and this is where true healing occurs.

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