Shield Your Home Energetically

I just moved into a brand new beautiful home. I mean brand new... no bad vibe, no ghosts, no mojo. How exciting! (So I thought). But what I found is that my home needed protection more than ever. I highly recommend any home or place of residence, go through the following steps to ensure that you bring in the best energy and highest intention. This is true if you are new to a home (new and old), are trying to sell or rent a home, need a positive shift in the home (or life), feel any type of negative vibration or you simply need to shift the energy around you.

Why is the Law of Attraction Not Working?

By now, most of us have heard of the wonderful Law of Attraction.Think it and it is yours! Ask and it is given! Visualize what you want and you will have it! And yet, for most of us die-hard devotees to the Law of Attraction, we sometimes look around and ask what are we doing wrong? Why is this not working?

Essential Oils - DoTerra

We are pleased to announce that Beyond Vibration has joined DoTerra Essential Oils. Essential Oils are something we are very passionate about! Please check out our site to buy the highest quality essential oils, or to join our DoTerra Team. Be blessed!

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Essential Oils

Claiming Your Future: Lunar Eclipse Astrology Feb 2017

Article Window: Feb 10 to Feb 26
• The Full Moon is Friday, Feb 10, 4:33 PM PST
Lunar Eclipse
• Sun is 23° Aquarius, Moon is 23° Leo
• Next New Moon: Feb 26
• Current New Moon Theme (Jan 27 – Feb 26): Personalizing Power

Tarot: The Leo Lunar Eclipse

Happy Full Moon!

In the midst of a tumultuous sea of change, today’s Lunar Eclipse marks a significant leap forward in our ability to co-create the world we desire.

The Leo Lunar Eclipse is at 4:33 pm PT on Friday, Feb. 10.

You might remember from previous messages that each Lunar eclipse holds a specific opportunity, as it opens a portal or doorway that connects us with unusual powers beyond the normal constraints of time and space.

Join Us for Year of the Rooster Talks

This month’s upcoming “Rooster Year” talks will set you in motion to reap all of the rewards the coming year offers.
We’ll explore the unique nature of the year, including qualities of optimism, vision, clear decision-making and an alignment with abundance. You’ll also learn how to navigate and benefit from the natural challenges that the year holds.